Sunday, 13 May 2012

Spring/summer nail polish!

Nail polish is (another) addiction, so here are my spring/summer choices!

This is a cute mini case that I got last year from sephora, in order to store my nail polish collection. Since then, it has overgrown the little case so I currently keep my summer/spring ones in it. When fall comes, I'll switch them over and put my fall/winter ones in it, and so on.

As for brands, I was not favoring one over another but lately I'm starting to love Opi nail polishes. The sad thing is that here, Sephora sells them at twice the price they're sold in the USA. Even online stores, like beautybay etc sell them a bit on the pricey side, so I buy mine (as well as China Glaze) on eBay.

The reason I like them is the wide brush, the color selection and the consistency that's (usually) very nice.

But, enough talking, let's see some nail candy!

Names from left to right order on all photos.

Glitter/metallics etc, just four of them:

  • OPI Pirouette my Whistle (NYC Ballet collection, LE). My latest and more precious aquisition, I just love the silver glitter, it's in various sizes and especially over light shades of nail polish the result is simply gorgeous, like fairy/princess/mermaid nails, just unreal. It is also work appropriate because it's monochromatic and (almost) subtle. Every time I wear this I got many compliments!
  • Erre Due exclusive #80. It has a very fine, light peachy/pink shimmer, very subtle and discreet.
  • Mac Immortal Gold (Posh Paradise collection, LE). This was purchased on the fly, on a Saturday morning that I was preparing to go to a wedding and realized that i didn't have a gold nail polish to match my outfit (well, this is a crisis that only a woman understands, lol!). I remembered having seen this shade in my local Mac store, so I gave them a call, it was still available and rushed over to get it). It's a pretty true gold color, it doesn't lean green nor warm, it's in the middle.
  • China Glaze Snow Globe (Let it Snow collection, LE). This one has very pretty multicolored glitter in various sizes and I got it in lieu of another LE nail polish, from Mac, the Unconditionally Fabulous. It was my first glitter nail polish and I wasn't sure I was going to actually wear it, so the €15 price point of the Mac one seemed too steep to me.

Opi I Have a Herring Problem (Holland collection, LE). It is a muted midtone blue with a green hint and very fine gold and silver shimmer, very pretty and complex.

Erre Due last minute #69. Well, I doesn't get any bluer than this, lol! Very summery medium sky blue, it has a fun and happy vibe!


  • Erre Due exclusive #120. A milky, pale yellow, lovely shade but it takes 3 layers to have a uniform result.
  • Erre Due exclusive #154. It's a frosty light green, very fresh and spring appropriate.
  • Korres Vert Amande #201. I love this color, it's a gorgeous milky mint. I don't love the consistency though, but it's still managble.
  • Opi Thanks a Windmillion (Holland collection, LE). This one is on the edges of the current mint trend but in a more milky, mutted way. One of my top favorites!
  • Mac Ocean Dip (Surf Baby collection, LE). Oh yeah baby, teal all the way! I hardly wore anything else last summer!
Coral/peach etc:

  • Opi Gouda Gouda Two Shoes (Holland collection, LE). I never though I would buy such a color, but I was drawn by it's salmon/pink/brown shade with fine gold shimmer! It's very lady like but with a twist and can be worn no matter the season.
  • Elf Mango Madness. I got this along with 2-3 other shades from Elf, last year, and I hated all of them except this one. It's like the perfect coral red, I love it!
  • Mac Play Day (Vera collection, LE). Ever since I first read about the Vera collection I knew I had to have this color. It's milky, pale peach shade is adorable, although it takes 3 layers to achieve maximum opacity.
  • Erre Due exclusive #10. Very light cream/peach, kind of mannequin nails.

  • Seventeen Super Fast #35. Oldie but goodie, a mutted, dusty pink, lovely!
  • Opi Pink Friday (Nicki Minaj collection, LE). I hate this one. It's a light, bright, almost bubblegum pink and although it should look ok on my skin tone, the result is totally fake, I call it "the bimbo effect", lol! Application wise, it is a nightmare! Thick, goopy, and it still takes 3 layers to (not) achieve opacity! I keep trying, to make it work, but the result is like a used pink bubblegum stuck on my nails! Gross!
  • Opi My Address is Hollywood (Touring America collection, LE). I cal this one the grown up pink, it's dusty and has fine golden shimmer. It's a no brainiac desicion, it goes with everything!
  • Opi You Callin' Me A Lyre (NYC Ballet collection, LE). It's a semi transparent, light pink, "my nails but better" and I love it as a base for French manicure. It is spectacular with the Pirrouette My Whistle glitter polish on top, so elegant and girly and out of this world!
  • Erre Due last minute #08. My only red! It's a cool toned bright fuschia/red that spices up any outfit.
If you're still reading, I feel the need to congratulate you of surviving this looong post!

And talking of nail polishes, here's my current mani!

P.S. Any suggestions for a red nail polish?


  1. Επισκέψου το blog μου έχεις βραβειάκι!!!!

  2. Τέλειαααααα!!! Τα βερνίκια νυχιών είναι το μεγάλο πάθος μου!! Της Erre Due το μπλε φανταστικό!

    1. Ειναι πολυ όμορφο, κάνει και ωραίο ντεγκραντε με λευκό!


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