Saturday, 29 December 2012

12 Hits for 2012!

During 2012 I discovered quite a few beauty gems, mainly because:

  • cosmetic companies have improved their products, and
  • I purchase stuff after I've been thoroughly informed of, thanks to reviews by the lovely online beauty community.
So, it was a hard task to limit myself to just twelve items but I was a good girl and conformed to the rules (actually, maybe I cheated with a few honorable mentions at the end!)

A few are recent purchases but have already won a special place in my heart and I will post full reviews in the near future (hopefully before summer, lol!) and the others are products that I use constantly since I got them because they deliver with flying colors.

On another note, 2012 was the year I started trying a few "high end" items and you'll see the ones that really impressed me as well as drugstore products with stellar performance.

Enough said, let's get started!

1. Guerlain Meteorites

The famous fairy dust is something I've been lusting for for a looong time now and I recently decided to get it. I simply can't imagine makeup without it now that I tried it. If you haven't tried it run to your local beauty store and just do it. You'll thank me later (I'm such a tease, I know!).

Full review will follow on a separate post.

2. Dior Diorskin Nude Fresh Glow Powder Foundation (Dior, really? It's easier to remember Maria Juana Chiquita De Los Angeles Toreador Est Mort).
Apart from the name it's a gawgeousss foundation, especially for dry or mature skin because it's incredibly fine and silky and gives my - otherwise dull complexion - an (almost...) ethereal freshness and glow.

Full review will follow on a separate post as well.

3. YSL Vernis a Levres (Glossy Stains)
If you read my posts you probably saw it coming (and it's a surprise even to me that these came third place!) but these are the only lip products that I've come close to actually finish a tube, that's how much I love them. The reason is that these are the only lip products that manage to stay on my lips for hours, without drying them at the same time.

Here is a full review. I hear that L'Oreal has a similar product on the launch, woohoo!

4. Color Tattoo by Maybelline
These little pots of color have been almost constantly on my eyes, either as a base under other eyeshadows or worn alone.
Here you can see why I love them do much!

5. Mac Fix+
Many people mistake this for a spray that fixes you makeup (the name itself is deceiving) but it's not. It actually lightly moisturizers your skin, even over foundation, powder etc and it can really help if you 've used a bit too much of powder or if you're feeling your skin tight. I have a full bottle at home and a mini one in my purse at all times.

6. Mac Cleanse Off Oil
I can't think myself using anything else to take my makeup off because it feels so gentle and luxurious, like a mini face spa session! It's also very potent, meaning that it takes off even waterproof maskara easily and thoroughly. I just put a pump (or two for more heavy duty products) on my palms, massage gently on my eyelids and face and then lather up and rinse with water. Perfect!

7. Benefit Stay Don't Stray
Although I have not tried that many eye primers, I always have a backup of this one because not only does it keep the eyeshadow in place all day but can also be worn under eyes and specifically under concealer, keeping it in place all day! If you find that by midday your concealer has disappeared you will really appreciate this primer.

8. Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stains
They feel lightly moisturizing, they stay on for a long time (although not as long as the YSL Glossy Stains), they're affordable and the color range is very pretty (I actually just ordered a couple more shades!).
Here you can see these two swatched.

9. Benefit They're Real mascara
I confess. I'm lazy. Especially while doing my makeup in the morning. So I need a mascara that can give me full on lashes without having to work half an hour with it in order to achieve the desired result. That's why I don't see any other (and I've tried an army of them) replacing this one any time soon.

10. Dior Dior Addict Lip Balm
This one was purchased on a whim, at a 40% off sales and I'm so glad I did! Not only it's a very posh tube (I know I'm vain but who isn't, more or less?) but it feels amazing on my lips. It also manages to stay on quite a long time and to me that's very impressive (because I have to staple down any lip products I use, appart from the YSL stains, lollll!)

11. La Roche Posay 50+ Anthelios XL Fluide Extreme
This summer I found a sunscreen that doesn't look or feel like a white toothpaste smeared all over my face. Although it's extremely thin and lightweight it manages to successfully shield my skin against the bad bad sun rays. I wear it year round although I won't repurchased the tinted one because it's dark for my skin tone (never trust SAs that say " no, it will not be dark on you, it will blend into your skin" my a@#%)!

12. Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in Exposed
This one is my choice when I want a blush that will not clash with the colors I've used on my eyes, lips, clothes, whatever. It manages to compliment any look, gives a "healthy glow" and lasts all day. What more can I ask?
Here you can find swatches of this one and of Blissful as well.
Wait (or in greek Annabel stasou, mygdala!) that's not all!
Here are a few honorable mentions.
Clarins Instant Light Blush
Although I'm not a fan of liquid or cream blushes due to longevity issues, these two really impressed me not only because they last on my cheeks even during the hot greek summer but also because they're like a light colored dewy film that looks very natural and pretty.
Here you can see them swatched. Unfortunately they are are part of the 2012 summer LE launch but maybe you can still find them in case you're interested.

Inglot Eyeshadows
Well, in 2012 the first Inglot store opened in Athens and it was a major event because we've heard so much of Inglot cosmetics and now we could see them up close and personal! Of all the products I'm mostly impressed with the eyeshadows because they're soft and silky, pigmented and very affordable.
Here you can see them swatched.

Chanel Rouge Coco Shine
This one is my second Chanel lipstick but my first in the Coco Shine formula and the reason I love it is because it feels amazing on my lips, soft, moisturizing and pampering. It is in the shade 67 Dauville.

Mac Blushes in Flower Fantasy and Sunday Afternoon
I'm very surprised that I've not hit pan on these two beauties because I've been using them to death all spring, summer and autumn, I actually stopped using them about a month ago mostly because I was ignoring all my other blushes! I love them not only because of the pretty colors but also because there is a coordinating highlight in every pan, so I don't have to open a myriad pots in order to complete my makeup.
Well, these were my 2012 beauty finalists, hopefully 2013 will be even better beautywise!
That's all for now, I hope you're all well and thriving and may 2013 bring you all you wish for, in every aspect!
See you next year ;-)

Sunday, 4 November 2012

Small collective haul!

It's a fact that I've cut down my makeup purchases and I only buy stuff after serious consideration!

Of course I still buy a few items but only if I find them at a "bargain", like a 35% (or more) off sales, or if it is a very good (for me at least) and affordable product. Also I didn't buy these items all together but during the last couple of months.

So, let's get started!

I have been reading about the Revlon Kissable Balm Stains for a loooong time now but I was restraining from trying these because my last Revlon purchases (the Colorburst lip butters) were somewhat of a failure. The reason is that they almost melted (put the blame on the hot greek summer) and it was an unpleasant surprise since I didn't carry them in my purse constantly, I just carried with me the shade I was wearing that day and in the evening I put it back in my drawer. They are still usable but I can't carry them with me because they look weird and not so attractive, lol!

Now, the main reason I wanted to try the Kissables was not only because the colors where lovely but also because everyone raved that they are longwearing and moisturizing at the same time. And to me, that's a very appealing combination!

So, instead of splurging on my favorites YSL Glossy Stains (I had my eye on one or two vampy shades), I decided to try a much more affordable "alternative" and I chose a couple of Revlon Kissable deeper shades, perfect for fall/winter, in particular Crush and Adore.

  • Crush is a deep berry red. After the loss of the initial shine, a very pretty stain is left behind.
  • Adore is a warm red. This one is also a lovely shade and it also leaves a noticeable stain on the lips.
So far I really like them because they do feel balmy and they last quite some time on my lips (and it's a big deal because almost nothing lasts on my lips!). I steered away from the light shades because I wanted maximum pigmentation, but in the future I may try a couple more shades (Honey for sure).

I was also curious to see how they compare to the YSL Glossy Stains but they are not at all similar mainly because each YSL offers three different intensities in the same color, depending on how many layers I use , starting from one layer where a sheer film of color is applied and ending in three layers if I really want my lips to be the center of attention. On the other side, three Kissables cost almost as one Glossy Stain, so...math wins right now!

Crush on the left, Adore on the right

Next, my favorite cream eyeshadows, Color Tattoo by Maybelline. I had seen some new shades (here you can see the first four I purchased last winter) and I was very intrigued.

Well, in store swatches were exactly what I was hoping these eyeshadows would be and I did get the

  • #65 - Pink Gold as I planned, and it's not your average pink, it's a trully remarkable pink shade and I definitely reccomend you to at least swatch it next time you see a tester. It can bee worn as a base for powder eyeshadows but it is very pretty worn alone. I also got the
  • 70 - Metallic Pomegranate and it's a perplex burgundy with pink shimmer. Another outstanding eyeshadow and it's a perfect pair with the #65 Pink Gold. It also makes green/hazel eyes really pop!
YSL Pure Chromatics Harmony #10

This item was in my fall wishlst and I decided to splurge because I didn't have any similar shades as well as because I wanted to try an YSL quad.

Well, at first I couldn't say that this product rocked my world, mainly because I was expecting them more buterry and pigmented (my Inglot eyeshadows have spoiled me, lol!). Maybe my expectations were quite high.

Also, the packaging feels flimsy, lightweight and a magnet for fingertip smudges, not very impressed. I think they could do much better, see Dior.

All these "fails" fade nevertheless as soon as I apply the eyeshadows because these colors suit remarkably my hazel eyes. The result is very chic and polished and because they are not hyper pigmented they do not require many blending. Also, when used wet the pigmentation is impeccable but when used dry the result is a lovely wash of color and I actually prefer it this way. As for the sparkly silver shade, I mainly use it by tapping it lightly only on the center of my lid.

Top swatches applied wet, bottom dry
Now, don't laugh but since it doesn't come with a protective pouch (Dior wins again) I made one myself by cutting an old sock. It's not fancy but it does protect it from scratches etc.

And since you saw my old sock, I think I will call it a night and go to sleep (lol!).

Before I go, here are four - fall appropriate - nailpolishes I got.

  • Inglot #138, a metallic midtone green, little khaki, little olive, with fine silver particles
  • Inglot #851, it's a very complex dark nailpolish, looks like deep brown/khaki with mostly gold shimmer.
  • OPI Wooden Shoe Like to Know? (these names are very funny!) is a chocolate brown with a splash of purple and fine golden shimmer.
  • OPI It's My Year is a sheer purple with fine golden shimmer, ideal for topping other nailpolishes or worn alone in 2-3 layers.
Ok, now I really will go to sleep!
What's your most favorite fall purchase or fall wishlst item?

Sunday, 28 October 2012

Makeup Storage: Pretty in Pink Fall Edition!

Well, this kind of posts is turning into a series (lol!), you can see here my previous posts on the same topic.

So, it is time once more for a little rearranging, for taking out the spring/summer fun stuff and putting in the fall/winter ones, some old, some new, mixed and matched.

You won't see any foundations because I always keep them in the fridge and no brushes because I keep them in a separate container.

It is also true that my little caddy is a bit beaten up but it is still functional, so I won't replace it as yet.

So, let's get started!

First tray: lips and eyes.

  • Three Mac lipsticks in Oh Oh Oh!, Hot Gossip and Pure Zen
  • MUFE eyebrow corrector and Mac paints in Bare Canvas and Stilife
  • Lipglosses: Mac Emancipation and Social Light, Korres #23 Light Purple and Clinique #07 Bonfire (magazine freebie)
  • Benefit Erase Paste #1 (it doesn't end, I know!)
  • Various eye pencils: Nyx Jumbo pencil in Cottage Cheese, W&W Pixie, Mac kohl pencils in Fascinating, Smolder, Prunella, Undercurrent and Plank Technakohl
  • Mac lip pencil in Saunter (nude)
  • A couple of foundation samples
  • A clean mascara wand that I use for combing my brows
Second tray: more eyes and face

  • Garnier Roll-on and Bourjois Healthy Mix concealers
  • Mac Prep+Prime highlighter in Radiant Rose
  • Too Faced Shadow Insurance
  • A mini bottle with Mac Fix+ and a retractable Mac lip brush
  • My Clarins Instant Light Blushes in Vitamin Pink and Corail Tonic. Behind these there is one (oh yes, only one) YSL Glossy Stain in #12, the rest will have to relax until next spring!
  • A Clinique eyeshadow duo in Rose Wine (I got it at the Estee Lauder bazaar to gift it to someone and I liked it so much that I got one for myself as well!)
  • Three Mac Fluidlines: Blacktrack, Avenue and Added Goodness
  • Two Mac pain pots in Painterly (one year old, probably I'll just B2M it) and Nubile
Last tray: eyes and face as well.

  • Mac palette
  • Naked 2 palette by UD
  • YSL Pure Chromatics #10 palette
  • Dior Aurora palette
  • Maybelline Color Tattoo eyeshadows in Metallic Pomegranate, Pink Gold, On and On Bronze, Permanent Taupe, Immortal Charcoal and Infinite White
  • Chanel Emerveiile cream eyeshadow and Mac Daylight minelarize eyeshadow
  • Laura Geller Balance 'n Brighten powder in Porcelain
  • Jemma Kid Iced Gold highlighter
  • A few blushes
An overview of my fall-ish Mac palette

Brûlée, Honesty, Moleskine, Espresso, Carbonized

Creamy Bisque, Quarry, Satin Taupe, Scene, Smut

Crystal Avalanche, Expensive Pink, Mythical, Steamy, Club

For my blushes I made a little case from scrap paper, this way I can fit more and have them easily accessible at the same time.

From bottom up, left then right

Mac Stunner and Legendary

Mac Sunbasque and Equillibrium

Mac Supernova

Tarte Exposed and Blissful

So, this is my current, everyday, go-to, stash. I do have extra items that I store in a drawer and what I do is that if I reach for something more than 2-3 times a week, I put it in my caddy.

On another note, if I don't have something in front of me I usually forget to use it, so I decided to put in the caddy the Naked, YSL and Dior palettes

For the end, here's a fall NOTD, Chanel Tulipe Noire (a little gem I found for 15€ at Factory Outlet!)

What's your favorite shade or product for fall?


Sunday, 21 October 2012

Mac Marilyn Monroe collection

The Marilyn Monroe collection has finally landed in greek stores and although I don't find myself to be a fan of her, I'm a sucker for Mac limited edition collections, especially with special packaging.

The collection as a total consists of a lot of products, here you can find an overview by Temptalia.

I was interested in three products and here they are!

  • Forever Marilyn Beauty Powder
  • Legendary blush
  • Pure Zen cremesheen lipstick
Forever Marilyn beauty powder (heavily swatched), Legendary blsh, Pure Zen lipstick.
Forever Marilyn Beauty Powder: it's the second Mac beauty powder that I own and I was drawn to this since it can be used as an everyday finishing powder with a twist because it gives a kind of discreet luminosity to the skin, without a white cast, and it's not glittery or anything.

It's perfect for fair complexions and I think it could be used as a subtle highlight for darker skin tones.

It does come off a bit chalky but I always use a face mist, so it's not a deal breaker.

In comparison to the Laura Geller Balance 'n Brighten Porcelain finishing powder that I'm currently using, the Mac one is a tiny bit darker and not so stark white like the Laura Geller.

In comparison to the Mac Snowglobe beauty powder that I own, it's an entirely different product because Snowglobe can only be used as a highlight (or even as a finishing powder for a night out) since it has an intense sheen.

Mac Snowglobe, Mac Forever Marilyn, Laura Geller Balance 'n Brighten in Porcelain

Legendary blush: I'm a fan of satin blushes by Mac and in particular of light shades because they give a discreet color and glow to my cheeks without being dominant. This one was no exception.

It has a pretty subtle sheen and the color is a lovely peachy coral. At first I thought it was similar to Stunner by Mac but, although they are similar to finish and color saturation, they differ because Stunner is more pink. If you loved Stunner, you're gonna love this one too!

Pure Zen cremesheen lipstick: I was set in getting one lipstick solely due to the packaging but the reds were not calling my name. So, I swatched this one and I was like, meh, but then I considered that I don't have any nude lip colors appart from an Inglot lipgloss and so I got it.

Coming home I put it on an although it didn't rock my world I actually liked it a lot because on my lips it's a kind of peachy pink beige, a very pretty but in a contemporary way nude. It will be perfect with gray smoky eyes amongst others.

Here's an attempt to take a sort of photo of how it looks on me, well, just use your imagination, lol!

What did you get from this collection? How do you feel about Mac LE collections in general?


Sunday, 14 October 2012

Early Fall Hits & Misses!

Although the weather is still not very fall-ish, it's somewhat cooler in the evenings, I dug out of my closet some light cardigans and it's perfect for sleeping in my Oysho Peter Pan pajamas!

Other than the above important information I had to share with you (lol!), I started adjusting a bit my makeup stuff etc that I've been currently using, do, without further ado, let's plunge into it!

Shower stuff: I can't express how much I loooove this Kings & queens Honey set. I think that this brand has become my #1 in the shower, the scents are amazing! I also find that the body lotion is very moisturizing.

Perfume: I'm still using my TBS Coconut Body Mist because coconut is one of my favorite fragrances and it's hot enough during the day so that it doesn't seem out or place, but I always layer on top something else.

Some days I use Candy by Prada (deluxe sample) and some days I use the Japanese Cherry Blossom perfumed oil* from TBS.

I like them both (especially the oil) because they're sweet but not sickening, easy to wear but not generic, transitional scents towards cold weather, where I'll pull out the big guns (meaning my Black Orchid Voile De Fleur by Tom Ford, see here how I got this).

Hair stuff: my Moroccanoil is almost empty (and I have to do a little market search because I'm thinking of trying something else since there are so many similar items available now) but it has been a trusted companion for months now.

The Orzene shampoo and conditioner for damaged/dehydrated hair came my way in a (magazine I think?) sample and I quite liked it so I got them both. My hair is naturally thin and brittle but I think that this set has really made a difference in health and body.

Also, I 'be been using olive oil once a week as a hair mask and it does wonders: I heat up a little, apply it on my hair from roots to the ends, wrap it all up in celophan and then in a towel. I leave it on for about an hour and then I use shampoo and conditioner. Love it!

Last but not least, my Tangle Teezer. I purchased this last March and I still think it's a neat little gadget because it combs through hair, dry or wet, like a breeze.

Skincare: I have never done a skincare routine post because to me the perfect skincare regime is like a Chimera, meaning chasing the unattainable. There have been products I liked but nothing I was so positive about so as to share with you, with the exception of the Mac Cleanse Off Oil that I'm a huge fan of.

But, I recently got some Caudalie stuff and I will explain how they became my favorites:

  • Eau de Beaute: in the past I had purchased the 30ml bottle, solely due to this craze that went about this product, where everyone said how wonderful it was, etc etc. So I got it. At first I hated the scent but in time I got accustomed to it. To make a long story short, I got the big bottle as well, not because it does anything miraculous but I use it as a tonic lotion before I put on my moisturizer and it feels very luxurious and posh. That's it!
  • Instant Foaming Cleanser: so far I didn't care for face cleansers that much, so I used to purchased the cheapest ones from the drugstore. But I tried this one and I love it because of its silky texture and mainly because I don't feel my skin parched for moisture afterward.
  • Vinoperfect Radiance Serum: at first I was extremely skeptical but after using it for three weeks now, I can tell that it has made a difference in color uniformity. I only use it at night but still, there's an obvious difference.
Face makeup:

  • La Roche Posay Anthelios XL 50+ sunscreen. 'Nuff said (lol!)
  • Neutrogena Healthy Mix foundation. As the weather gets cooler, I'm starting to rediscover my dewy foundations and this one is my current favorite.
  • Benefit Erase Paste. This is actually a love/hate product but currently I love it because I apply it in thin layers (instead of slapping it on!). It actually works as a corrector as well because it has a slight peach tint to it.
  • Laura Geller Balance & Brighten powder in Porcelain. Powders are love/hate products as well, but I love this one because it really brightens my complexion, I just have to keep in mind to use it moderately.
  • Mac sponge. I have been experimenting with makeup sponges and I really like this one, it gives an airbrush result: I apply the foundation with my hands first and then I pat all over my face with the sponge. Perfect! The other side is different, especially for powder and I use it with my powder, mainly to set the concealer.
  • Mac Lush-Light bronzer. I'm not on my palest yet so I can still pull off this one.
  • Mac blushes in Flower Fantasy and Sunday Afternoon. Well, these are officially my most used blushes, ever!
  • Inglot 4SS brush: perfect for face highlights or contouring.
Eye makeup:

  • Dior Aurora palette. I never thought that I would love this palette so much but I do! Lovely, lush, automny colors, I love to use them in washes.
  • Inglot palette, first row: muted pink and silver/gray and taupes.
  • Mac Stilife paint pot. Pinky champaign, lovely as a base or alone.
  • Givenchy Phenomen' Eyes. I hate the color (#5 Vintage Bronze) but I love the brush. It finds even the tiniest lashes and makes them existent. Love.
  • MUFE brow cream. I love the longevity of this stuff, it simply doesn't budge!
  • Mac Prunella khol pencil. Staple.
  • Marie Claire shadow pencil. It was in October (I think) Marie Claire issue, lovely colors!
Lip stuff:

  • YSL Glossy Stains in #15 and #17. 'Nuff said as well.
  • Clinique gloss #7. Again, magazine freebie, lovely discreet shade, ideal match for the Aurora palette.
  • Mac Hot Gossip and Oh Oh Oh. Petal pink and muted brown rose. Love.
  • Revlon Just Bitten Kissable in Adore. New entry! I don't love them like my YSL Glossy Stains but they are very good. Post coming up!
  • TBS Chocolate lip butter*. I love it and TG it doesn't end!

Opi Thanks a Windmillion, Inglot #358, Essie Penny Talk, Inglot #138, OPI My Address is Hollywood. Obviously I still haven't touched my vampy colors (well, I have a whole winter for them!).


  • Well, it's strange how a favorite becomes a miss but since I started using my MUFE brow cream I find my Inglot brow mechanical pencil quite useless in comparison, because, although the color is lovely, it doesn't stay put.
  • Benefit Badgal brown mascara. I don't know if it was the one I got but it was extremely dry since I opened it. I mean dry like old. Also, the brush does nothing to my lashes. TG I got it at a 40% sales off or I would be extremely pissed.
These are my early fall hits and misses, huge post (as usually) so congrats if you made it to the end!

What's you favorite item this fall?

The star * indicates PR samples. The rest was purchased with my own money.


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