Sunday, 29 April 2012

Monthly favorites: April

A many months favorite that for some reason I always forgot to mention is the Mac Cleanse Off Oil. I just use a pump on my hand and then massage it gently first on the eye area and then on the rest of my face. No cotton balls, no cloth, just straight on. It removes everything in a few seconds and then I lightly rinse it with water. I love it because it feels very emollient and soothing, but I do take the extra step of properly washing my face afterwards because I don't think that just a makeup remover is enough.

Although April has been rather gloomy and cloudy, I decided i should upgrade my sunscreen protection and the La Roche Posay Anthelios XL SPF50+ is right on the target, since it provides high protection but in a thin, user friendly consistency that adheres excellently on the skin without messing with my foundation etc. and most importantly, without the dreaded white face result!

After the sunscreen I use the Skin79 Super+ BB cream. I have been using this instead of sunscreen, during the winter, but as the days grew longer and sunnier, I felt that this alone was not enough sun protection for my skin. So, after applying the Anthelios, I use the BB cream instead of foundation because it has a decent coverage (something between a tinted moisturizer and a foundation) and the added sun protection (as well as all the other "special attributes" BB creams are supposed to have in abundance, lol!).

Another item that I really enjoy using is the Laura Geller Balance 'n Brighten powder in Porcelain because it does brighten up my dull complexion a little bit. I use it with a light hand though because a little bit too much does look cakey on my dry skin. In that case, just a spritz with my Mac Fix+ and cake face no more!

As for the eyes, Added Goodness fluidline by Mac is my staple eyeliner. As for eyeshadow, I really enjoy Stilife Paint by Mac on the eyelid, it's my go-to, no fuss champaign cream eyeshadow. Then i do a little crease definition with Equilibrium blush/bronzer by Mac and ready in a second.

On the days that I wanted to look more springy and fresh, I added a tiny bit of Steamy eyeshadow by Mac. I am a fan of duo chrome eyeshadows and this one is really pretty, it's blue, it's green, it's turqoise, well, I don't know exactly what it is but I love it!

As for blush, I mainly used these two by Mac and my two Clarins blushes . The reason I set these Mac blushes apart is that, while they do offer shimmer, the position of it in the pan gives me the option to use it with the blush, by swirling the brush all over the pan, or to use it separately, after applying the blush, exactly where I want it. It's actually two products in one and I love multitaskers!

Flower Fantasy and Sunday Afternoon.

I don't have to tell you my favorite lip products (of this month, next month, etc) you can read all about them here, lol!

Although I don't like bluish nail polishes that much, I find that I really like the "I don't have a herring problem" by Opi because it fits into my dusty and mutted taste that I've acquired some time ago. It's sort of a faded grayish medium blue color with a hint of green and fine silver and gold dust. I usually use one layer because I like the semi translucent effect but it is equally pretty with two layers.

The problem is that I couldn't get a decent photo, in real life it's greenish blue, probably the green scarf in the background distorted the color accuracy.

A more "spring appropriate" color that I enjoyed using is the Play Day by Mac. I can't say that I enjoy applying it because it is quite streaky, but I love the milky light peach/coral result and I can see this color becoming a staple to me for spring and summer.

As for body products, I 've been using the Body Shop Chocomania range once a week, when I do my scrubbing routine, and for the rest of the week I went back to my beloved Canelle Orange range from Kings & Queens. I adore this scent, it's practically my favorite for some months now!

As for scents, I kept reaching for Lovestruck from Vera Wang because it's a fuss free, go with everything perfume and I think I will run out of it any time now! That's a first for me, usually I have 2-3 perfumes that collect dust on a shelf but this one got much love and attention from me this past month!

That's it for now, I hope you're all well and thriving!

Monday, 23 April 2012

Current favorite blushes

Blush (as the blog title suggests) is one of my most favorite makeup items.

On that note, let's take a look at my current favorites!

First row: Tarte Blissful (matte), Mac Flower Fantasy (LE), Mac Sunbasque (sheertone shimmer).

  • Tarte Blissful is a very pigmented matte coral pink, and it is very wearable used with a light hand.
  • Mac Flower Fantasy is a limited edition face powder from the Vera collection and contains three different shades that mixed up result in a peachy pink shimmery shade. I tend to mix the brown/coral shade with the pink one and after application I take the shimmery light peach shade on the bottom and highlight my cheekbones. If you can still find it (there is also Sunday Afternoon, a pink version) I suggest to take a look because it actually is a blush and separate highlight in one pan, which is very convenient. At first I was determined not to buy this but after seeing it in real life, I had to have it!
  • Mac Sunbasque is a shimmery peach/rose and I love the warmth it gives to the face

First row: Tarte Exposed (matte), Mac Azalea Blossom blush ombré (LE), Mac Stunner (LE, satin)

  • Tarte Exposed is a very pigmented, matte nude pink with a hint of brown. It is the color that I wear when I don't feel like mind boggling over what blush to wear because it's like a natural flush so it compliments many looks. This one is also very pigmented, so I use it with a light hand.
  • Mac Azalea Blossom is a limited edition blush ombré from the Daphne Guinness collection. It's the most cool toned blush I own and the shades graduate from a blue based, light pink to a medium lilac. Mixed together I get a cool light pink.
  • Mac Stunner is limited edition satin blush from the Mac me Over collection is a light pink/peach color and one of my most favorite shades.

There is one more blush that I use as a contour color, Equilibrium by Mac. It's a limited edition satin blush from the Mac me Over collection and it has a lovely caramel like, light bronze shade.

There are two more blushes, my latest acquisitions, and you can read all about them here .

I have to say that the Tarte Amazonian Clay blushes are superb in pigmentation and longevity to any other blush I own and, after the current "buy no more" ban (lol!), I'll definitely get one more, in particular Dollface.

What's your most favorite blush at the moment?

Monday, 9 April 2012

Rainy days require a little spring shopping!

Rainy and chilly days in spring are not my favorites and this gloomy weather today was sitting really heavy on my nerves.

So, while doing errands after work, I decided to get a couple of things from The Body Shop. Next, I decided to hop in a H&M (I became a fan) and before I knew my spirits were again soaring high (in the rainy sky)!

First thing first, if you like bangles (or cuffs) but find them rather large for your wrists, try H&M! That's where I found these two cute sets and they fit my slim wrists (I do have a slim part on my body, lol!) perfectly.
Price wise they're not darn cheap but still very affordable, €6,95 and €7,95 each set.

Next thing I got at H&M are these two tops.

I loved the white one because it has this lace-y second layer on the front (on the back it's plain white) but it's not over the board, it's really simple but elegant. It will be really nice for casual but feminine outfits. It cost me €14,95.

The multicolored one was on my to buy list because I love the pattern and the combination of colors. It is really sheer but I have a light beige tank top with a little lace in front that will be pefect underneath. This one can be worn casually or a little more dressy, and will be handy for days at work when I want to be a little more smart and chic. At €9,95 it's a bargain!

I almost forgot to mention that at H&M I was given a €5 gift card (I didn't know there was a promotion going on), it's not much but still, it's a nice move!

From TBS I wanted some antibacterial hand lotion and the lipscuff. Well, I couldn't resist a deal (I think it was €5) on my spring favorite strawberry shower gel!
On the way out I spotted the Love Etc EDT and I grabbed the 10ml purse spray for these mornings when I sprint to work and forget to put on some perfume. It doesn't rock my world but it's a lightly floral everyday scent that goes with everything.

Check here If you want to see a previous little spring hall I did.

That's it for now, I hope you're all well and thriving!
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