Sunday, 14 April 2013

Go Tropicoral kit by Benefit

Well, many times intentions do not translate to actual actions, at least the way we plan them, especially if you are a Gemini that weights pros and cons and alternatives from day to night, and then decides to improvise, lol!

So, I intended to buy Benefit's Coralista blush (30€).

Instead, I got the Go Tropicoral kit (it includes a mini Coralista) (29€).

High Beam, Cha Cha, Coralista blush and the lipgloss underneath

The reasons I didn't get the blush are:

  • I can not see myself hit pan on a blush, so I didn't want to commit to it for a life time.
  • I don't like the packaging of Benefit's blushes, I find them bulky and a pain to store.
  • I could depot it in a palette but my previous experiment with Bella Bamba didn't go very well, meaning that it cracked a tiny bit. It didn't crack all the way to the bottom, just a chip on the upper right corner but it scared the %#%$£ out of me and I swore, never again!

On the other and, the kit offered me more options for the same money:

  • A deluxe sample version of Coralista, that even if I wore it daily it would probably take months to hit pan.
  • A deluxe sample o High Beam illuminator
  • A deluxe sample of Cha Cha tint
  • A deluxe sample of the Coralista lipgloss

The truth is that I was never drawn towards kits. I don't know why, the idea never seemed appealing to me.

So, when I went to Sephora with a 25% coupon off, I went straight to Coralista. A young SA was standing a few meters away and when she saw me lingering over Benefit's stand, asked if she could help.

Most of the times I don't ask for help from SAs because i usually buy stuff on a plan, meaning that I already know what I want and what it does so I don't need somebody to inform me about the product.

This time, I don't know why, (probably because it was early on a Saturday morning and I didn't function on full throttle, lol!) I told her that I wanted Coralsta but I was not so sure anymore. She asked me if I had any more blushes (well, duh!) or if I would solely wear this (do you imagine having to wear Coralista - or an blush for that matter - for months without end? And then I would toss it disgusted in the garbage, and then it would magically reappear on my vanity and then I would call a priest to perform exorcism, and the blush would speak to me in a tiny voice but totally scaring, saying "no, you have to wear only me, with rain or sun, winter or summer, day or night, I'm the only blush you'll wear until there's no more left of me in the pan! )

Are you still reading? If yes, let's get back to the Sephora SA. I told here I have other blushes as well and then she suggested buying the kit instead because it was almost the same price as the blush but I could try more products and if, in the end, I totally loved Coralista I could come back and buy the full product.

It made total sense and at almost 21€ (after the 25% off) it was not that expensive considering that the "deluxe sample" actually contains a considerable amount of product.

So, do I like it?

I love it!

  • Coralista blush: I can totally understand why it is so popular. It's a lovely peachy coral shimmery shade (to me it seems like something in between Nars's Orgasm and Benefit's Bella Bamba), very easy to wear and the shimmer actually gives a gorgeous sheen to the cheeks.
  • High Beam illuminator: a cult favorite as well and now that I have it I love it too! It's the first liquid highlighter I buy and I find it easier to wear than powders because it melts into the skin and it can be as natural as you want it. The color is lovely as well, it's a pinky white that looks very flattering.
  • Cha Cha tint: well, in the past I had some not so happy experience with Benefit's tints. I had purchased a mini version of Benetint but the first times I used it I was left with red blotches on my cheeks, because the product sets in too quickly and I didn't have time to blend it properly. And it goes without saying that i burried it in a drawer and never reached for it again. So, when I saw the deluxe sample of the Cha Cha in the kit I was very intrigued by the lovely color but at the same time I was very sceptical if I could make it work. And I did! What I do is that as soon as I have applied my foundation I put two stripes on my cheek and with a larger brush (like the Real Techniques Multitasking Brush) I pat it on my cheeks. This way, it sort of spreads and mingles seamlessly with my foundation and the result is a beautiful, semi transparent tint on my cheek. If I want it a little more saturated, I repeat the process with a dot or two more and after blending it's flawless. I don't swirl the brush, I just pat pat pat. Also, I do one cheek at a time. And it lasts on my cheeks for hours.
  • Coralista lipgloss: it does give a pretty shine and a bit of tint on my lips, but, as most lip products, it does't stay on my lips for more than a few minutes. I keep it in my purse, just in case I want to ump it up a bit.
  • I already removed them from the box (I put the blush in my blush palette) and as a bonus I can use the pretty box to store jewelry or other bits and bobs.

So, that's my opinion on the Go Tropicoral kit, I'm so pleased with it because they arevlovely products and I got the chance to try more products before committing to a full sized one.

That's it for now, I hope you're all well and thriving!


Sunday, 7 April 2013

Naked Basics palette by Urban Decay

I know that flowers are blooming, birds are singing, everything gradually becomes saturated with color since spring is almost here, but I feel the need to share with you my thoughts on a very much hyped, relatively new, product that doesn't scream spring.

I 'm always sceptical about products that receive too many raves because, more often than not, I 'm left somewhat dissapointed. Maybe it 's because I have too many expectations when everyone says how great, amazing, formidable the xxx item is and when I actually buy it... well, maybe that's another post.

This one though is really a little gem, purchased on a whim. And I 'm so glad I got it!

The Naked Basics palette by Urban Decay was not on my radar at first. I mean, I read about it, saw it in many bloggers' favorites, but, I was not interested in it at all. It seemed too plain to me, too ordinary, not exciting, not fun.

Until one day when I went to Sephora with a 25% off coupon. I got a couple of things and on my way to the cashier, I spotted it sitting lonely on a stand. I wasn't planning on buying it but I thought a little swatching wouldn't hurt...and I swatched it. And I loved it. On the spot.

I don't know if it was the softness, the creaminess of the texture, the subtle transition from the lightest to the darkest shade, the size of it, but I wanted to take it home with me! The fact is also that the 25% off helped a lot, lol!

Since I got it I use it every single day, either by itself, to achieve a nude look or to tone down, or enhance a more colorful look. Either way it has become indispensable to me and although I do have one or two similar shades, this is the one I constantly reach for.

As for swatches, I would suggest taking a look at Temptalia's post here , although if you're fair the colors will show up more on you.

All in all, I'm very happy I got it and it became an everyday tool in my stash.


That's it for now, I hope you're all well and thriving!


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