Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Mac for Daphne Guinness

The Daphne Guinness collection by Mac was launched in Greece 2-3 weeks ago. Although it's a substantial collection, nothing seemed very intriguing to me, apart from 2-3 items.

So, here is my little haul!

First item I wanted was the Azalea Blossom ombré blush (€29, LE, repromote) because I didn't have anything in this shade and I really liked the swatches I've seen online. In real life it is very pretty as well, a light and delicate cool pink that can be amplified depending on the amount of the deeper, lilac shade that you use. I usually swirl the brush on both shades and I get a pretty medium cool rose pink. Another thing I like is the discreet sheen it leaves on my cheeks. I was also tempted to get the Vintage Grape as well, a deeper, berry-plum shade, but it is a bit too dark for my liking.

Next thing I got is the Red Dwarf Pro Longwear (€21! LE). I really like this type of lipstick because it lasts on my lips for a while (contrary to any other lip product that disappears after a few minutes, I can't stand my lips, LOL!). This shade was also missing from my stash, it is a medium to deep pink a little mute and on the blue side.

Last item I got and totally outside of my comfort zone is the Narcissus cremesheen lipglass (€19,50 LE). It is a pink purple, quite vibrant and intense and depending on what I layer underneath it the intensity can be adjusted. When I wear it on its own, is very sweet and wearable purple pink. When I wear it over Red Dwarf, it's a deeper, very appealing purple-magenta.

Red Dwarf and Narcissus

Azalea Blossom: lilac shade, pink shade (you can't see it, LOL,), mixed together.

I 've been enjoying very much all three products, I wear them all together with light eye makeup (usually with Pink Venus on the lid, Quarry in the crease and Creamy Bisque as a highlight) and it the result is quite polished but with a little edge, I just love it.

Do you use a color that originally seemed to you a little over the top?

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Revlon Colorburst lip balms

Lots of talk and rave about the Revlon Colorburst lipbalms, so, I couldn't resist the temptation to order a few. Since I couldn't find them on an online store, I decided to get them on eBay. I usually purchase drugstore items on eBay, I was never dissapointed.

The shades I chose are:

001 Pink Truffle
015 Tutti Frutti
070 Cherry Tart

Here they are swatched on my hand, it the same order

On my lips, Pink Truffle is a medium berry pink, Tutti Frutti is a very wearable, discreet orange (if you're afraid of orange but want to try it, this is an option) and Cherry Tart is a pink red.
Do I like them? Yes, very much. The reasons are:

-they do feel very moisturizing, rich and luscious, it's quite difficult to describe the sensation.
-the shades that I chose are really pigmented, but, being a lip balm, they are not harsh or too intense, in the way a lipstick can be. I would call them a soft focus kind of pigment, meaning that it is apparent but not screaming in your face. Be aware though that not all of the shades are pigmented, I looked at a lot of swatches before deciding to buy these three.
-I like their packaging a lot, because I can see at a glance the color I'm looking for, since the caps are color matched to each shade. Do you hear Mac?

Would I buy them again? Yes, there are 1-2 more shades that I'm interested in (Candy Apple for sure since I' m becoming a red lip maniac, LOL!!!)

Do I find them indispensable? No, I think a clear lip balm and a lipstick will give you similar results.

The only thing that hinders me from getting more is that I don't know how they will react to the hot Greek summer. I'd hate to buy a bunch of them only to discover that they melt in my makeup purse!

That was it for now, please once again excuse the crappy photos, I hope that at some point I'll get a thingy to connect my camera to the iPad.

Hope you're all well and thriving!

Sunday, 8 January 2012


Η angelmary από το Touch of Rouge μου έδωσε βραβείο!

Σε ευχαριστώ πολύ!

Το συγκεκριμένο αφορά κυρίως σε blogs με λιγότερους από 200 αναγνώστες.
Εγώ με την σειρά μου το δίνω στα παρακάτω blogs και εύχομαι οι αναγνώστες σας να πληθαίνουν μέρα με την μέρα!

Angelmary και πάλι ευχαριστώ!

Saturday, 7 January 2012

Perfume splurge: Stella Print Collection & Lovestruck

Hello guys and Happy New Year!

Long time no see, but my laptop crashed, I finally decided to splurge on an iPad and now that I'm somewhat accustomed to it I decided to write my first 2012 post! I haven't figured as yet how to transfer photos from my camera, so please excuse me for the crappy photo!

Now, my first purchase of the year are two perfumes. It's been a long time since I bought a perfume, and I really needed something new.

The first one is Stella by Stella McCartney, from the Print collection and it has been sitting on the top of my wish list since October. I loved the cute little bottles from first sight but for some reason I always forgot to get it, and after a while I thought I wouldn't find it anymore (it's limited edition) so when I accidentally saw it today I almost did the happy dance! I was browsing perfumes and perfume sets that where on sale at Hondos Center and it was hidden on a shelf behind a pillar (lucky me!).
The perfume itself is really discreet but sensual at the same time, a combination that I always like.
Notes: Rose, peony flower, mandarine, rose absolute and amber.
30ml EDP at €46,10 purchased on 25% sale at €34,57.

The next one is Lovestruck by Vera Wang, a relevantly new and quite popular perfume. The perfume itself is floral and sweet but in a quiet, delicate way. As for the bottle, it's a statement by itself, girly in a more mature way.
Notes: Pink guava, mandarin, Tuberose, Lotus blossom, Precious woods, Sheer musk.
30ml EDP at €38,68 purchased on 25% sale at €29,01.

Here are the two if them side by side

What's your first purchase of 2012?
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