Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Mac summer eyeshadows palette

The best way I found about storing my most used Mac eyeshadows is a standard Mac palette where I rotate them according to the seasons. So, during winter and fall I keep mostly subdued and neutral shades in it but coming spring and especially summer, my palette is like an explosion of colors.

See for yourself!

Let's take a closer look!

First row:

Brûlée, Expensive Pink, Kid, Espresso and Carbonized (LE)

Second row:

Short Shorts (LE), Sun Blonde (LE), Swimming, Steamy and Aquadisiac

Third row:

Baby Petals (LE), Pink Venus, VIP (LE), Moon's Reflection and Deep Truth

I call this candy for eyes!

And here' s a little eye of the day!

I used:

  • Short Shorts for the inner corner and browbone,
  • Steamy on the lid,
  • Deep truth on the outer corner and V
  • Equilibrium blush/bronzer for the crease, it's a gorgeous neutral to use with colorful looks because it makes any combination more wearable.
What colors do you mostly use for eyes during the summer?

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Makeup storage: tidy and accessible

You probably have already seen my post about how I organize my everyday items (if not you can see it here ).

The rest of my stash that I use constantly but not every single day, is stored in this cute pink mini drawers set by Jumbo, tucked away in my closet. Tidy, accessible but at the same time not in my face.

So, let's take a look!

On top there is one lidded compartment and two without lid, where I keep some random stuff, samples etc

First drawer: lip stuff! As you can see mostly Mac, some Revlon Colorburst lip butters (BTW they are fabulous but can't stand the heat, they melt...) and a couple OCC lip tars (not impressed by them).

Second drawer: eye makeup.

  • My Elf mineralize eyeshadows stacked in containers,
  • a few Mac eyeshadows that I can't depot (cream and baked),
  • an Avon palette (magazine freebie),
  • a Stilla palette and
  • a few pencils and mascaras (posh samples included, lol!). The Bourjois Volumizer will be my next mascara, if you have already tried it please share your opinions of it!
Both bottom drawers have face stuff. This one contains

  • Mac mineralize skinfinish powders (Pink Porcelain, Lightscapade, Refined, By Candlelight and Rose Quartz)
  • a couple of Mac blushes (Stunner and Equillibrium) and
  • the Powderflage by Benefit.
The last drawer contains

  • an Elf mineralize makeup,
  • two Elf powders with shimmer (one fair and one tan) that I mostly use on my body,
  • Mac Careblend powder,
  • a Jemma Kidd primer that I use in spring/summer (when I'm a little darker that corpse white) and the
  • Iced Gold highlighter that I mostly use during the winter
  • Missha M BB cream and
  • a mini Mac Strobe highlighter
This is the way I store my not everyday stuff, it's really practical and out of the way.

Sunday, 3 June 2012

Monthly Favorites: May

Many products (skincare, haircare, foundation etc) are staple to me so I won't bother you again (you can always read about them here ) so, here are some items that I really enjoyed using this month.

In my shower, strawberry is the scent! One thing I don't get about TBS shower gels is why they don't come with a pump (or why they don't sell one separately) so, I removed the pump from a backup body lotion I have and placed it on the shower gel bottle. Perrrrrfect!

As for perfume, I am head over heels in love with the Jo Malone Sweet Lemon cologne I got at the Estée Lauder bazaar. It's fresh, it's sweet but with an edge, it's there but not in your face, I just love it (and got many compliments wearing it!)

I also used quite a bit of the Vitamin E Face Mist by TBS. It was in the goodies bag that we were given at the TBS bloggers' event (you can read all about it here ). When I return home from work I don't take off my makeup right away, so one spritz of the Face Mist on top gives my skin freshness and hydration. I still love my Mac Fix + but I use this one in the morning, after completing my makeup (and I keep a mini bottle in my purse at all times).

As for makeup, I've been mostly sporting coral/peach cheeks with lips in accordance and minimal eyeshadow. I was up since 6:30 in the morning everyday for work (I'm currently working at another location of my company - well, not MY company but you get the point, lol! - that's on the other side of Athens and I won't return to my basis for another week...) so, I didn't feel like doing much eyeshadow work.

I mostly used the Clarins Coral Tonic and the Tarte Blissful blushes, apart from being really pretty they also survive 11+ hours on my cheeks.

My YSL Glossy Stains have become everyday staples since I got them but this month I mostly used #7 and #12 because they fit into my coral/peach scheme. I also used Morange by Mac, a tiny bit with a lip brush over well moisturizer lips.

Morange, YSL #7 and #12

For eyes, my staple was Nubile paintpot by Mac because it is darker than my skintone so it defines my eyes in a natural, barely there way.

When I felt like putting a little extra on top, I used Pearl #390 by Inglot or Stilife paint by Mac or the champaign color from TBS Moonstone eyeshadow. Just a wash of color, nothing dramatic or complicated.

The rest of my favorites are miscellaneous:

  • Garnier roll on concealer. I have this for some time but now that i'm a tiny bit darker, it suits my skintone better. I really like its thin consistency and the way it feels under my eyes.
  • Bourjois eye brow pencil #4. Although I loved the Fling mechanical eyebrow pencil by Mac, it run out very quickly, so I decided to buy again this old time favorite.
  • Prunella kohl eye pencil by Mac. I use this one everyday on my upper waterline, it's such an intricate color because it's not black, neither brown, nor plum, I really can't describe it.
  • When I felt really adventurous, I used Undercurrent on my lower lash line, a tiny bit of this with Nubile on the lid gives an interesting twist to a nude look.
  • Saunter lip pencil by Mac is the only nude lip color I have and I'm really liking it!
  • Shore Leave is another lip pencil by Mac, this one is pinky-coral and used it quite a bit.
Here are some swatches

That's it for May favorites, June had better be warm because I have some aqua and teals to sport!

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