Sunday, 30 March 2014

Magnitone Pulsar: First Impressions

Once upon a time (lol!) I had had a Clarisonic.

I loved it to pieces but, alas, after 3 years of impeccable service, it died, last summer.

Ever since I've been debating whether I should repurchase or not, the main reasons were:

  • What if it was stopped at customs?
  • What if it would malfunction and I would be obliged to return it all the way to USA, then shipped back all the way to Greece, costs to be considered as well?
For these reasons I decided to hold back on repurchasing one and decided to manually wash my face by using a hot cloth/muslin.

Well, my skin was not happy. The funny part is that I don't have major issues apart from a few sunspots and dryness during the colder months.

But, once I stopped using the Clarisonic I noticed that my pores looked larger around my nose and the skin texture on my cheeks was not as smooth as I was used too.

I tried exfoliating a couple of times per week, I tried acid toners, but nothing worked the way I wanted to.

So, when I saw on Hqhair that they had a half price offer on a new cleaning device, the Magnitone Pulsar, "similar" to the clarisonic that was a little more than half the cost of a clarisonic (or even less than that if you consider free shipping vs 20$ or more shipping for the clarisonic), I was really tempted.

I also took into consideration that there was no fear for customs and that if anything happened it should be less time consuming and less costly to ship it to UK than to the USA.

I was also interested in the four different modes (sensitive, exfoliating, pulselift massage, deep cleaning) and it also comes with a second brush for use on the body.

So it goes without saying that when Hqhair send me a coupon (I think 20% off) I jumped on the occasion and purchased it.

When I received it I was unpleasantly surprised by the poor packaging, I've bought much cheaper items from other online shops that were protected by layers of bubble wrap, but Hqhair decided that plain paper was enough for it!

Anyway, the device was safe and sound and after 24 hours of charging it was ready for use!

At this point let me clarify that this is not a review but a first impressions post, I have only used it three times!

First day reaction: I hate it! It makes weird, annoying sounds and splatters tiny droplets of water around!

Second day reaction: woa, it has four different modes! Let's try the exfoliating one!

Third day reaction: well, I think it does work!

Although it is way too soon, I do think that my skin looks smoother, less "textured", it feels softer as well.

Here's some bare skin (lollll!), no makeup, no moisturiser etc, (no filters of course), nothing. 

I also used it on the upper part of my hands, they are usually quite dry and a bit rough, and they became baby soft and smooth.

So, at this point I'm really excited to see the results of continuous use and I'll be back, let's say in a month, to tell you all about it and properly review it.

For now, here are a few photos

Since we are talking about cleaning devices, I was super excited today when I read that Sephora here in Greece will sell the Clarisonic!

If I knew it I would definitely wait and get one, since I've used it for a few years and wholeheartedly recommend it!

That's it for now, I hope you are all well and thriving! 
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