Saturday, 11 May 2013

I can't stop sniffing myself: Philosykos EDT by Diptyque

Close your eyes and visualize that you 're on the beach. Now, I'm not talking about a filled with people and 4 SPF oil "sunscreen" type of beach, under an umbrella on a chaise longue with a frappe on hand and the latest hits pouring out of the speaker over your head. Not that there is anything wrong with this picture, it 's just a different thing than what I have in mind right now.
So, the beach. I choose my most favorite, secluded little spot of sand and sea, where I lay under the shade of a tamarix tree (not sure about the translation, I'm talking about the lovely almyrikia or armyrikia tree that can be found on many Greek beaches).
The sand is golden beige, the sea is a gradient of blue green to ultramarine, far off, where a tiny speck of a ferry is going towards its joyfull destination. The sky is a blinding cobalt blue and the sun is the king on his high throne.
The only sound that comes to my ears is the rhythmical caress of the sea on the sand in the form of lazy but repetitive tiny waves. Somewhere in the back is a company of cicadas that sing the classic August hit of sweet idleness.
There is also a refreshing breeze coming from the sea, soothing and comforting, despite the blazing hot sun.
I feel relaxed, tranquil, one with the elements around me, safe in the embrace of nature, with no worries or anxieties, my mind is a white sheet of paper.
This, my friends, is Philosykos to me.
Fear not for my mental health, (lol!) it 's just that I haven't been so head over heels about a fragrance for a long time now (well, not since last May when I discovered the, alas LE, Sweet Milk by Jo Malone).
First of all, let's get professional-like and review this heavenly fragrance.
I got a 12ml, travel sample spray bottle of the eau de toilette, a few days ago, in the first Cherrybox box that I bought. It was a lovely surprise because Diptyque is such a niche brand and very expensive so I was not familiar with its products.
Philosykos as a word is actually a joint of two Greek words:
  • Philos, that means friend
  • Syko, that means the fruit of the fig
So, Philosykos means friend of the fig (I know, translated it sounds a little weird and not so posh, lol!)
Diptyque describes this fragrance as an ode to the fig tree and was created after the memories of one of the founders of the brand, when, "in the heat of Greek summer he had to walk through an orchard of wild fig trees in order to get to the sea".
Technically speaking the notes are:
  • Top: fig leaf and fig
  • Middle: coconut and green notes
  • Base: cedar, wood and fig
Not technically speaking (lol!) I find that it opens up crisp, fresh and green but without being sour or tart, as it happens some times with green scents.
Instead, there is a sweet, milky quality, not at all pungent and offending but quite the contrary, that manages to balance wonderfully the fig. It 's - my oh so dear - coconut that does it, standing on a base of delicate woods.
It's a tight and wonderful ensemble that can be worn by women and men alike (well, that was a strange way to put it...!). It 's definitely a summer scent but I can probably wear it all year round. Also, to me it stands out of the group of summer-y perfumes because it 's more refined, more polished, in a good - not elitist - way.
The part that I like the most is that, as time goes by, the scent doesn't become loose, disheveled. It retains its integrity but the harmony becomes deeper, richer not meaning heavier but like as more in unison with my skin.
I also love the fact that it 's not a screaming type of perfume, meaning that it doesn't fill a room as soon as I enter it, but it does leave a faint but distinguishable trail.
The only part that I wasn't excited about is the average longevity, I would be thrilled with a bit more, but, it's not bad.
So, the premiere of Cherrybox service was quite impressive to me but I 'm going to talk about it in a following post. I am so in love with the fragrance that I couldn't hold myself, I just had to tell you about it!
I 'm definitely going to buy the full size, we 're just 84€ apart, (sigh) for the 100ml bottle.
That 's it for now, I hope you 're all well and thriving (off to sniff my wrist a little more!).


  1. με έκανες να θέλω σίγουρα να το μυρίσω!

    1. Αξίζει! Εγω έχω φάει τρελό κόλλημα (φαίνεται! lol)

  2. sou stelnw ena vraveio gia to blog sou!! :)

  3. Συγχαρητηρια κερδισες και απο μενα βραβειάκι!

    1. Αχ τώρα το είδα, σε ευχαριστώ πολύ!


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