Sunday, 4 November 2012

Small collective haul!

It's a fact that I've cut down my makeup purchases and I only buy stuff after serious consideration!

Of course I still buy a few items but only if I find them at a "bargain", like a 35% (or more) off sales, or if it is a very good (for me at least) and affordable product. Also I didn't buy these items all together but during the last couple of months.

So, let's get started!

I have been reading about the Revlon Kissable Balm Stains for a loooong time now but I was restraining from trying these because my last Revlon purchases (the Colorburst lip butters) were somewhat of a failure. The reason is that they almost melted (put the blame on the hot greek summer) and it was an unpleasant surprise since I didn't carry them in my purse constantly, I just carried with me the shade I was wearing that day and in the evening I put it back in my drawer. They are still usable but I can't carry them with me because they look weird and not so attractive, lol!

Now, the main reason I wanted to try the Kissables was not only because the colors where lovely but also because everyone raved that they are longwearing and moisturizing at the same time. And to me, that's a very appealing combination!

So, instead of splurging on my favorites YSL Glossy Stains (I had my eye on one or two vampy shades), I decided to try a much more affordable "alternative" and I chose a couple of Revlon Kissable deeper shades, perfect for fall/winter, in particular Crush and Adore.

  • Crush is a deep berry red. After the loss of the initial shine, a very pretty stain is left behind.
  • Adore is a warm red. This one is also a lovely shade and it also leaves a noticeable stain on the lips.
So far I really like them because they do feel balmy and they last quite some time on my lips (and it's a big deal because almost nothing lasts on my lips!). I steered away from the light shades because I wanted maximum pigmentation, but in the future I may try a couple more shades (Honey for sure).

I was also curious to see how they compare to the YSL Glossy Stains but they are not at all similar mainly because each YSL offers three different intensities in the same color, depending on how many layers I use , starting from one layer where a sheer film of color is applied and ending in three layers if I really want my lips to be the center of attention. On the other side, three Kissables cost almost as one Glossy Stain, so...math wins right now!

Crush on the left, Adore on the right

Next, my favorite cream eyeshadows, Color Tattoo by Maybelline. I had seen some new shades (here you can see the first four I purchased last winter) and I was very intrigued.

Well, in store swatches were exactly what I was hoping these eyeshadows would be and I did get the

  • #65 - Pink Gold as I planned, and it's not your average pink, it's a trully remarkable pink shade and I definitely reccomend you to at least swatch it next time you see a tester. It can bee worn as a base for powder eyeshadows but it is very pretty worn alone. I also got the
  • 70 - Metallic Pomegranate and it's a perplex burgundy with pink shimmer. Another outstanding eyeshadow and it's a perfect pair with the #65 Pink Gold. It also makes green/hazel eyes really pop!
YSL Pure Chromatics Harmony #10

This item was in my fall wishlst and I decided to splurge because I didn't have any similar shades as well as because I wanted to try an YSL quad.

Well, at first I couldn't say that this product rocked my world, mainly because I was expecting them more buterry and pigmented (my Inglot eyeshadows have spoiled me, lol!). Maybe my expectations were quite high.

Also, the packaging feels flimsy, lightweight and a magnet for fingertip smudges, not very impressed. I think they could do much better, see Dior.

All these "fails" fade nevertheless as soon as I apply the eyeshadows because these colors suit remarkably my hazel eyes. The result is very chic and polished and because they are not hyper pigmented they do not require many blending. Also, when used wet the pigmentation is impeccable but when used dry the result is a lovely wash of color and I actually prefer it this way. As for the sparkly silver shade, I mainly use it by tapping it lightly only on the center of my lid.

Top swatches applied wet, bottom dry
Now, don't laugh but since it doesn't come with a protective pouch (Dior wins again) I made one myself by cutting an old sock. It's not fancy but it does protect it from scratches etc.

And since you saw my old sock, I think I will call it a night and go to sleep (lol!).

Before I go, here are four - fall appropriate - nailpolishes I got.

  • Inglot #138, a metallic midtone green, little khaki, little olive, with fine silver particles
  • Inglot #851, it's a very complex dark nailpolish, looks like deep brown/khaki with mostly gold shimmer.
  • OPI Wooden Shoe Like to Know? (these names are very funny!) is a chocolate brown with a splash of purple and fine golden shimmer.
  • OPI It's My Year is a sheer purple with fine golden shimmer, ideal for topping other nailpolishes or worn alone in 2-3 layers.
Ok, now I really will go to sleep!
What's your most favorite fall purchase or fall wishlst item?

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