Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Da Glove (but not from Sigma!)

I 'm sure you 've all seen the Brush Cleaning Glove by Sigma. It is a little wonder, an innovation itself, in many eye catching colors, that makes brush washing a breeze.

I wanted it. Desperately. Passionately. I was set on buying it. I mean, I don't have as many brushes as a makeup artist (by any means) but, I 'm quite adamant about washing my brushes once a week and it is undeniably a chore. Depending on the brush, I may have to wash some of them repeatedly 3-4 times to remove all product (Sigmax I 'm looking at you!) and taking into consideration that I spot clean them every time I use them, it says a lot about how much gunk a brush can collect.

What the Sigma Brush Cleaning Glove is supposed to do (and I don't doubt a bit that it does deliver) is that it makes washing, rinsing and shaping your brushes a joy, something that sounds at first like a retro add where the happy and oh so pretty and polished housewife manages a whole household without loosing a curl from her hairdo (seriously???).

So, I watched a few videos and I saw that it actually does what it promises, with flying colors.

But there was a huge boulder between us...

The glove of gloves, the promised land of all dirty brushes waiting anxiously to be fresh and clean, costs $39!!! Plus twenty something bucks for shipping to Greece, we 're talking over $60 in total!!!

No, it doesn't make coffe as well. No it doesn't give you directions when you 're in the car, lost in another space and time dimension (like, next block from your house, lol!). No it doesn't wake you up in the morning. It just sits there, waiting for you to cover it in soap and water and clean your brushes on it.

But it has groves or should I say "variety of textures and surfaces" and did I mention it comes in all sorts of fun colors? Yeah.

Now, here's a hot topic: how much do your brushes cost? Depending on the total cost - money invested - on your brushes, maybe $40 + shipping isn't that absurd.

To me, it's not that I don't value my brushes but this price point seems completely exuberant, for something that costs 2-3 dollars to manufacture. It's plain (and ineffective) marketing tactic that says that consumers are sheep and will buy everything as long as it is in a pretty package. Well, sometimes at least we 're not sheep, surprise!

The results were that even famous beauty gurus, that got it for free, raved about how practical it is but also admitted that they probably would never buy it, because of the unreasonable price.

So, after deciding that I didn't want to throw $60+ on a rubber glove, I decided to improvise a bit and did an eBay research on rubber glove, rubber mitt, etc.

And guess what? I found a decent priced one, at $8 with free shipping.

Don't get me wrong, it 's not the same product but it does more or less the same thing.

Here it is!

Isn't it prettttyyyyyy? It even has little hearts, awwwwwww (no, I 'm not brain damaged....)

What I looked for was substantial groves, because most of them have really shallow ones. This was one of the cheapest that has some decent texture, so I decided to get it.

Bottom line: Is it effective?

Well, yes! I can't say how it works in comparison to the real thing but it does clean my brushes thoroughly at a fraction of the time I had to spend when I cleaned them by hand.

I 've used it in order to wash my Mac brushes, Real Techniques brushes, even the oh so hard to clean Sigma Sigmax brushes. Most of them need only one wash, whereas the Sigma ones need two washes.

So, all in all I'm very pleased with it because it's definitely effective and a great value for money, I do have a reservation though: I don' t know how (and if) it will affect the brushes in the long run, because my hand is obviously a softer surface than the glove. I try to be gentle and not rub them viciously on the glove, but, some times, when I 'm in a hurry, I do tend to be a little slack and rub them a little too vigorously.

I 'm not so concerned about the synthetic bristles because I do think they 're more durable but the "regular" brushes (made from animal hair) need extra care. So far though (I 've been using it for over a month now) I haven't notice any hair loss, so, maybe that 's a good sign!

Now, that 's a lot of ink over an oven glove but it does deserve it and I wanted to share with you an alternative to - the much debated of - Sigma glove. It 's not the same thing but it does the job, at a fraction of the price.

That 's it for now, I hope you 're all well and thriving!

Χρόνια Πολλά, εύχομαι να γυρίσετε ασφαλείς όλοι σπίτια σας με τις μπαταρίες γεμάτες!



  1. Really interesting!!! 8 vs 60 yeap it has me too!! ;) Χρόνια Πολλά!!

    1. Yeap, it 's no frills but it does the job! Χρόνια πολλά!

  2. πραγματικα πολυ εντυπωσιακη η διαφορα τιμης.πολυ ενδιαφερον προιον.ευχαριστουμε που το μοιραστηκες.Χρονια πολλα!

    1. Πολύ χαίρομαι που το βρήκατε ενδιαφέρον, χρόνια πολλά και σε εσένα!


Thank you!

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