Sunday, 1 July 2012

First Impressions: Self tan lotion!

Already midsummer (happy July btw) but I was still struggling to get rid of the white-pale as dead-color. It's not that I don't get tanned, it just that for me it requires too many hours under the sun. Being pale I used to think that it would be easy to tan, but actually it's not because i have to wear a very high spf and although I like the sun, I can't stand it for too long.

So, almost every summer I am my friends' joke because I am almost white as snow. That being said, I've also tried various self tan lotions through the years, but I ended up being my friends' joke once more because I would turn into a funny orange, or sickly yellow, or whatever, lol!

Yesterday, I felt brave enough to try once more because I couldn't stand my whiteness, so I paid my local Hondos Center a visit.

Imagine my surprise when none of the mainstream brands (Garnier, Dove, L'Oreal etc) had any self tan products available! I don't know what happened this summer, but the shelves were all about sunscreen and that's it!

So, I asked a SA and she shown me a couple of unknown (at least to me) brands and finally she proposed me the Annemarie Borlind Sunless Bronze lotion. While she was talking to me I was thinking "well, keep yapping, I'm not going to spend my money on a product by an Annemarie something," etc etc.

And then a weird thing happened: I started to actually pay attention to what she was saying and in particular about providing a natural tan, without streaking and funny coloring. She also mentioned that it could be used on face and body as well, and she even opened the bottle to show me that it had a not offensive smell.

So, I thought to try this out anyway, although the price seemed a little steep to me for a product that could end in the garbage (19€ for 75ml, with the 25% off i paid about 13€).

Coming home the first thing I did was to test a little bit on my thigh, just to see the color. Today I noticed that that part seemed a little tanned but I was surprised to see that it really did look very natural, not yellow or orange.

It goes without saying that I felt my hopes surging and could't wait to properly try it!

So, I went the whole nine yards, meaning, meticulously exfoliating and hydrating, applying the product, waiting for it to dry to the touch, etc.

At first I couldn't see any difference but after a few hours I started seeing it and I so far I am so happy with the result because at last I found something that really looks like me after hours (or should I say days) under the sun!

Now, don't get me wrong, when I say tanned I don't mean JLo tan, I mean a couple shades darker than fair, and that for someone that has a quite pale and light skin tone, is a great deal!

I was so impressed that I applied a tiny bit on my face too and the result is really nice and natural.

So far it has surpassed my expectations and the next critical point is how it will fade as well as how it will look in a few days when I 'll repeat the application.

That's it for now, I hope you're all well and thriving!


  1. I tried a self tanner last year, and the following happened: I smelled like biscuits, I got the streakiest tan ever and 1 day after getting some colour, it started fading. I might give the one you bought a try, as it sounds like a good one!

    1. I know, it's a gamble! So far I'm very pleased, just wait a few days so that I'll update on fading and reapplying!

  2. UPDATE: i really really like it! It faded beautifully and evenly, no patches or discolorations! Yay!

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Thank you!

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