Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Mac summer eyeshadows palette

The best way I found about storing my most used Mac eyeshadows is a standard Mac palette where I rotate them according to the seasons. So, during winter and fall I keep mostly subdued and neutral shades in it but coming spring and especially summer, my palette is like an explosion of colors.

See for yourself!

Let's take a closer look!

First row:

Brûlée, Expensive Pink, Kid, Espresso and Carbonized (LE)

Second row:

Short Shorts (LE), Sun Blonde (LE), Swimming, Steamy and Aquadisiac

Third row:

Baby Petals (LE), Pink Venus, VIP (LE), Moon's Reflection and Deep Truth

I call this candy for eyes!

And here' s a little eye of the day!

I used:

  • Short Shorts for the inner corner and browbone,
  • Steamy on the lid,
  • Deep truth on the outer corner and V
  • Equilibrium blush/bronzer for the crease, it's a gorgeous neutral to use with colorful looks because it makes any combination more wearable.
What colors do you mostly use for eyes during the summer?


  1. Swimming, Moon's Reflection και Deep Truth είναι από τις αγαπημένες μου!!Λατρεύω τις σκιές της Mac!!!Φιλάκια!!!

    1. Δίνουν πολυ ωραία έμφαση στα ματια!

  2. Ολες τελειες!!!την Expensive Pink θελω πολυ να την παρω για να την συνδυαζω με την sable!

    1. Θα ταιριάζει πολυ ωραία! Την φοραω πολυ συχνα.

  3. πολυ πολυ ωραια χρωματα!
    κ το βαψιμο σου πολυ προσεγμενο!
    δε τα καταφερνω καθολου με αυτα..μπραβο!

    1. Σ'ευχαριστώ! Ούτε εγω τα κατάφερνα αλλα η εξάσκηση βοηθάει!


Thank you!

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