Sunday, 7 August 2011

Basics: Eyeshadow tools

I believe that the tools you use to apply makeup are very important and for this reason I choose Mac brushes. That doesn't mean that there are no other good brushes from other brands (I hear that Sigma are equally good and much cheaper but I haven't tried them yet) but since Mac is famous for its brushes and available in stores in my country, it was one way for me.

Now, if I had to choose only two brushes for eyeshadow application, I would choose without a second thought:
  • the Mac 217 - Blending Brush, I love this brush for blending the eyeshadows, it can also be used  to apply eyeshadow on the lid, browbone, etc.You can also use it for concealer, excellent for this use as well.

  • the Mac 208 - Angled Brow Brush, I love this brush for applying eyeshadow/eyeliner close to my lashes and generally when I'm doing details with the eyeshadow, i.e. for the outer corner, it helps me create a really defined V, then I use the 217 for blending out any harsh lines. It can also be used for the brows.

Both purchased at a 25% off sales, so they were quite affordable.
If you want your eye makeup to last more hours, all the gurus stress the necessity of an eye primer applied on the lids before the eyeshadow,  and I got the Benefit Stay Don't Stray primer because it can be used under the eye as well so as to make the concealer last longer (it also lightens up the under eye area a little and I'm using less concealer now). I find that the pump, although hygienic, is a little difficult to handle regarding the amount of product it pumps, but I press it lightly and this way I usually achieve not to waste product. I purchased it at Sephora, it is quite expensive, I think about €30, but I needed a primer and also wanted to try something from Benefit now that it arrived in Greece (at Sephora stores). I 'm happy with it, but, it's the first primer I got so I don't have any prior experience with eye primers to compare this with.

Of course in order to use brushes, primers, etc,  you must have an eyeshadow or two (lol!), and speaking about basic eyeshadow tools I could not omit my latest find, that is the NYX  Bohemian Rhapsody 10 eyeshadow palette, I purchased it $8 from nonpareilboutique.

It is a basic, neutral, eyeshadow palette, the bottom row are velvety/silky matte with a cream like consistency and the top row are shimmering, so it is quite flexible because you can achieve everyday as well as more dramatic looks. The pigmentation is great, more so of the matte ones. In case you lusted the Urban Decay Naked Palette but find the cost prohibiting, this could be an alternative, of course I don't say that they 're the same.
Overall, the NYX Bohemian Rhapsody eye palette is a very good neutral palette (and darn cheap too!).

That's my view of  basic eyeshadow tools, of course "basic" is different for everyone and the list could be endless. Also bare in mind that I'm a beginner in most aspects of make up, I just post about what I find works for me (possibly for you too!). 

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