Wednesday, 10 August 2011

FOTD and Mac Semi-Precious MSF Rose Quartz

Since I had already painted my nails in Ocean Dip from the Mac Surf collection (I love this color!) I thought to continue the color scheme on my eyes, so:

I used Aquadisiac on the lid, Smut for the outer corner and for the crease and I blended it with Honestly (now that I see it again, not so succesfully!). BTW, Honestly looks lovely in the pan but it's not that pigmented, it's quite sheer.

Tip for beginners in Mac eyeshadows: don't swatch just on the tips of your fingers but apply the color on the back of your hand or even better on the inside of your arm, this is the only way to actually see the pigmentation of a color.

Then I used Smolder eye khol for the upper waterline (I wear contacts and it's the only eye pencil from Mac that is opthalmologically tested and it really doesn't irritate my eyes). Now, that smudges a bit, BUT, I apply one even stroke on the upper waterline and after a few minutes it transfers a little but lightly and evenly on my lower waterline and actually I love this! I never wear dark colors on the lower waterline because the look seems very harsh to me, but this way, the result is fine and subltle.

Last item I used is the One by One Maybelline mascara, I love the way it defines my lashes (actually I love Maybelline mascaras in general).

I 've read a lot about the Semi-Precious Mineralize Skinfinishes, and since I 've never purchased any MSF for that matter, I decided to get one from this collection, actually I think that the MSF and the blushes are the best items in this collection. The one I got is Rose Quartz:

Isn't it delicious?

Well, to be honest with you I was a little intimidated when the Mac assistant did a liberal swatch on my hand, the shimmer almost reached my elbow, BUT, when I got home I used a tiny amount on my brush and applied it, the result was very pretty and very wearable, a nice and delicate pinkish but warmer sheen, I loved it even more!

Now that I saw it again, I really consider buying another color as well, it's almost €30 full price but it will last for ages.

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