Friday, 5 August 2011

And the journey begins...

I have to admit that untill a couple of months ago I was the "less is best" kind of girl and my make up routine was foundation+blush+mascara and...that's it!
One day, I visited a MAC shop (in Kallithea to be precise) in order to buy one eyeshadow, since it was the beginning of summer and I thought I could use a splash of aqua to spice up the things a little bit (for the record I got Aquadisiac).

Then I saw Deep Truth and I had to have it, it is such a gogreous, smokey, deep blue!

Then I got the four-pan empty palette because I prefer things organized with the least possible amount of clutter, so I thought that the best way is to put my new (and only) eyeshadows in this palette and I must say that it is a really convenient liitle palette.

 Theeeen, the girl from Mac suggested an eyeshadow brush and I couldn't agree more since the idea of sticking my fingers into the pan is not very appealing to me (although I do it some times, lol!),  so I got the 239.

So, in the end as you can see I got 4 items instead for one, TG that week Mac had a 25% sale!

Well, after that lots of things changed in my makeup routine because as you can imagine, I didn't limit myself to two eyeshadows, but that's another post, actually a lot of posts!!!

Question for you: I' m considering buying one Mac Mineralize Skinfinsh item from the Semi-Precious collection, I love the way they look in the pan, and I'm between Rose Quartz, Pearl or Crystal Pink but I have no idea what I can use them for! Are they highlighters, blushes, what?

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