Monday, 29 July 2013

Dior Hydra Life BB Eye Cream

I 'm definitely becoming a Dior admirer.

That is because I find products that agree with my skin and help me achieve the desired look: polished, youthful, looking done but not quite "done"!

Also, these products do give me a little glimpse on "luxury" and I feel like I'm treating myself with something extra special.

At the same time, with the 35% or more sales that are so often nowdays, I don't have to "brake the bank" in order to get a high end product, especially in comparison to mainstream drugstore products that are quite expensive in Greece.

So, this time I treated myself to the much talked of Dior BB concealer!

Now, Dior is presenting this product more as an eye treatment than an actual makeup item. According to the brand, it's supposed to eliminate dark circles and puffiness, while illuminating the skin and offering SPF protection. It says a lot more on the Dior website but I 'm plain lazy and I 'll let you find out for yourselves, lol!

I solely purchased it for concealing the moderate under eye darkness but with something more emollient so it won't find and emphasize any little under eye line and imperfection I have. 

Now, in store at first I was not pleasantly surprised because the lightest shade 01 Lumious Beige is not that much light at all but it has a strong salmon/peach tint. I was ready to walk away when I had an enlightment and did something that I never do: I used a tiny bit on the lower part of the under eye area, as far from the actual eyeball as possible, I was on my way home anyways so it wouldn't stay that long on my face.

Before I tell you what my first impression was let me just say that my face is notorious of letting makeup slide off, especially concealer, more so after 10 hours out and about. So, it was an evening that I looked a bit like a road kill, but it didn't hinder me from going into a beauty store and stand the looks of a couple SAs that didn't approve (between us I don't give a %#$).

So, I put it on and I actually liked it very much. I was not struck by a lighting, I did not feel like Columbus when he discovered America. It was more like a toned down, introvert, Archimedean Eureka!

In one swipe it managed to erase the under eye fatigue and grayness without adding substance on the area, without looking like I had pilled some more stuff on. It looked like skin but better, more hydrated, plump and rested.

As for the color it really was a perfect match, you couldn't tell that I had something on.

It's been almost over a month now and it has become indispensable to me. 

Is there any flaw? Well, it doesn't last more than 5 hours on me but it's so easy to touch up that I don't mind carrying it around in my makeup purse.

It comes with a doe foot applicator and the cap locks in place with a click so it's very quick to use and there 's no danger of unintentional opening in my purse and messing things up.

Also, no matter what I already have put on the area, when I apply this over it never looks cakey or too much, it just looks perfect.

It also comes with a 20SPF that is a great plus.

Here 's a little comparison swatch to the MUFE Full Coverage Concealer shade #4 (on the left)

And here's the box

In a few words, I totally recommend it if you're looking for a concealer that pampers the delicate under eye area, looks fresh and one with your skin and gives a rested, pretty look.
It's not for you if you need a high coverage concealer with a punch that will erase everything.

As for the price, with the 35% off I think it was about the 30€ price point.

That's all for now, I hope you 're all well an thriving!

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