Sunday, 30 June 2013

Dior Diorskin Nude BB Cream

BB creams are the most ambiguous beauty products by far. 

I 'm not going to tell you what a BB cream is because I 'm sure you know all about it. In case you don't, here's a relevant wiki article .

The brands try to impress us by showering their BB products with all and every possible benefits: they improve skin, protect it from aggravating external factors, give a healthy glow, etc...

The problem is that - at least to my experience - these are just promises that stay promises. 
Anyhow, it is quite far fetched to believe that a beauty product can make any significant difference to your skin, especially since we 're not talking about a skincare item.

So, bottom line is that I don't expect anything miraculous from a BB cream but still I do expect a few things: 

- Comfort: I don't want a mattifying product nor an oil leak on my face.
- Moisture: being on the dehydrated side, I do need all the moisture I can get
- Weight: I want something light, that I forget I have it on
- Skinlike: I want something to literally melt in my skin, to become one with it
- Freshness: I want something to boost up the appearance of my skin, some extra notches in freshness and youthfulness (who doesn't?)
- Coverage : I 'm not talking about a full on, geisha style face, but I do need something to even out some discolorations and flaws.

I don't look for SPF in a BB cream. Let me explain myself:

Being quite fair and not so very young anymore, it is a fact that over the years sun damage has left a few traces behind. So, it 's been a few years now that I religiously use a separate sunblock, every day, year around, and I find that SPF included in moisturizers, BB creams etc is not that effective, even if it 's quite high (30 and above).

A very important factor for me in a BB cream is the shade as well and that is because most BB creams are quite dark. The only one I had found that was light enough was Missha M in shade #13, but I never quite liked it because on me it looked ashen, flat, lifeless. Apart from that it's quite good, with a very good coverage. I also used to have a Skin79 BB cream but it looked even more like the dead are amongst us, lol!

So, when I read all the raves about the Dior one I was not interested at all.

Until one day, I saw a video/demo on YouTube and it looked quite decent. So, when Hondos had a 35% off I decided to give it a try.

And guess what? It's all I wear every day, I love it so much that the tube is already half empty.

Why I love it? Because it ticks all the above boxes and especially shade #1 is a beautiful fair color with a pink tint that perks up my otherwise sallow complexion.

When I put it on my skin looks fresh, youthful, radiant, more plump and flawless. It looks good and it also feels good. Also, it has a beautiful consistency, not runny nor thick and it glides on like a dream.

Here 's a comparison to the Missha M #13 (on the left).

Last but not least, when I need a little extra coverage I mix it with my foundation and it works like a charm every time.

I even wear under foundation when I want a really flawless result.

So, this is a very dear product to me and I'm definitely repurchasing. 

In case you 're interested ask for a sample prior to purchase. You can even bring a little pot or vial to the counter and ask the SA to put some in.

There is also a BB Dior concealer and it goes without saying that as soon as there is a 35% off out there, I 'm grabbing one!

In general I quite like the whole Nude Dior line, here 's my review of the powder makeup

That 's it for now, I hope you 're all well and thriving!


  1. Ok sold!!! I've been meaning to try this one, and by the sound of it, it should work pretty well with my skin!! Funny that you mention the Missha M in shade no 13, I looked at swatches online recently and thought that it would match me, but, like you, I want my face products to have that skin looking feel to them, not giving away that I have layers of foundation on! Great review!

    1. Thanks doll! Korean bb creams are quite heavy and unnatural looking shade wise, at least the ones I 've tried. You 'll love the Dior one!


Thank you!

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