Monday, 7 January 2013

Guerlain Meteorites: Perles du Dragon and Teint Rose 01

I decided to kick off 2013 with a spectacular product and I'm wishing you all to have a spectacular year!

Meteorites Perles: created by Guerlain, they're supposed to create an even, flawless and radiant complexion due to light manipulation "technology".

They can be used as a highlight on the high planes of the cheeks etc, or as a setting powder for all over glow.

They also come in various formats (compact, in loose form, with more or less fine shimmer) and color combinations.

It's a fact that I've been lusting over the Meteorites by Guerlain for a very long time but never actually visited a Guerlain counter to even see them in person, mainly because:

  • I thought they were exuberantly expensive and also because
  • I was very skeptical about the actual result of this product, thinking that it probably was just the emperor's new clothes.
But, life works in mysterious ways and now I'm happy to own not one but two of these little containers of mirth.

Meteorites Perles du Dragon: I came across these online, while browsing the new (holiday 2012) collections and I immediately loved the black tin with the brushed gold rosette on top. But that was about it.

A few days later, at work, we exchanged christmas gifts with my immediate colleagues the way we do it for a few years now: we collect money all year long (delivery change etc) and coming Christmas we add a little sum and each one of us gets an "unexpected" Christmas present, usually something fun and totally unnecessary!

So imagine my surprise when I opened a little sephora bag and saw this! I did the happy dance on the spot! After a second I started complaining that they shouldn't gift me something so expensive but the colleague that actually went to the store reassured me that it wasn't that expensive because there was a 35% off sales!

The biggest surprise came later on, when I actually used it all over my face: I was smitten!

Although I couldn't see anything (apart from a sparse extra tiny soft iridescence in very close inspection, like 2 cm from the mirror) my face looked like it was lit, like I was in the shadow and stepped into the light! It looked brighter, fresher, softer, my (moderate) imperfections were somehow blurred, it worked in a way that I had never seen before, with any product.

It goes without saying that I was mightily impressed and I wore it every night during the holidays, either for family gatherings or for going out and regardless the occasion, I got more compliments than before!

The facts: Perles du Dragon are from the holiday 2012 LE Liu collection by Guerlain. The actual product is named after the current chinese year of the dragon. The whole collection was inspired by Liu, a famous oriental fragrance by Guerlain.

Meteorites Perles in 01 Teint Rose: it took me just one day (after receiving the Perles du Dragon) to run to the store and buy the "everyday" form (meaning less iridescent and more appropriate for daylight) of the Meteorites. I was lucky to find them still on 35% off sales, so I (think) i paid 36€. It's definitely not cheap but I still believe this is the best makeup splurge of my life (so far, lol!).

The effect is the same as with the Perles du Dragon but more subtle and undetectable to the eye. It's like a transparent veil of light, blurring imperfections, softening lines and giving a fresh radiance and glow to my - otherwise - dull complexion. It also works perfectly as a setting powder and I also think that it keeps my makeup from oxidizing, even during long working days (8+ hours).
The facts: Meteorites Perles come it three shade variations:
  • 01 Teint Rose is the lightest one and it is supposed to brighten the complexion,
  • 02 Teint Beige is supposed to give a warm glow to the skin and
  • 03 Teint Dore is supposed to brighten golden complexions
The tin comes with 30g of product, meaning that they will last for years, even with everyday use.
How I use it: I turn it once upside down (with the lid on of course, lol!) so that any loose powder will come on top of the beads. Then I take a large brush and swirl it into them and I dust the powder all over my face. I repeat once more (or twice), it never gets cakey although my skin is dry. I use it on top of liquid foundation, on top of powder foundation, on bare skin, it works any way. I also use it to set my under eye concealer.It doesn't fade, it doesn't oxidize or alter in any way, it just stays put all day long.

One last thing: inside the tin there is a latex sponge. It's there so as to keep the beads snugly into the tin. I don't use it to apply the powder on my face not only because it would be unsanitary but also because it will compromise the product in the long run.

To me this is a very impressive product. Be cautious though because what works for one person may not work for another. So, in case you got tempted, before you spend your money on it, got to a Guerlain counter and ask the SA to apply it on you. Don't decide on the spot. Continue with your day plan, just check yourself in the mirror a few times (lol!). If you like what you see, in sunlight, in the shadow, in store lights, then this product is for you!


That's all for now, hope you're all well and thriving!



  1. You devil, you! I now must add Meteorites to my wishlist! I'm in love with the Dragon black/gold LE packaging, it's so classy. What are you doing to me, girl???


  2. come on,meteorites are on my wishlist for so long!!!I hope they have sales soon so I can get them!!nice review!

    1. Thanks, they were on mine too for ages. You will definitely find them soon on sale!

  3. actually when i run out of ideas for womens gifts, i go for the meteorites because they're luxurius, and ideal for all skin colors and ages. but still, i've never bought them for myself -weird!

    1. Oh, so very thoughtful and tasteful! The truth is that if I hadn't received them I probably would never go to a guerlain counter myself because I was under the misconception that the price was over 100€! lolll!

  4. one way or another I'm gonna get one of these too!! and I wand the compact edition as well.. oh my good wallet gonna feel pain!! :P

    1. The compact is to die for...your wallet is going to need some kind of anesthesia beforehands!


Thank you!

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