Sunday, 13 January 2013

What's in my bag!

First of all, da bag!

This is an old (3-4 years?) flesh/ powder kind of pink Guess bag and it was love at first sight!
It's by far my most worn purse, all year around and although the corners are a bit beaten up, I can't see my self stop wearing it any time soon (maybe I'm a tiiiny bit obsessed with it, lol!).
It has a convenient pocket at the back where a keep my mobile and some chewing gum. I have also attached a cute hand sanitizer from Accessorize.
Here 's a peek inside!
And that's everything in it currently: work folio, purse, car papers folder, makeup bag, car keys (yep, this is a strawberry coin purse you see!), tissue paper and some chewing gum.
My work folio/diary: although I loved my Filofax A5 Graphic zip, it was too bulky and cumbersome. So I switched to the A5 Filofax Flex and so far I'm quite pleased, especially because it is very lightweight so that I can easily carry it around with me.
Car papers folio: I made this cute little folder for something else at first but then I realized it would be perfect for the papers for my car. On the left side I keep receipts and random papers.
Here's the inside.
My wallet: this is a Malden mini Filofax in Vintage Pink that I currently use as my wallet. I love the fact that I have my personal planner as well as note paper, cards, etc in it. In front I keep bank cards and a very handy transparent envelop.
This is the back and here I keep store cards (sephora etc) as well as...
...this little guy! It's a Victorinox SwissCard Lite and has quite a few quirky little helpers!
Here I keep banknotes, my Id and car license.
Last but not least, here 's my makeup bag. It hasn't changed much since i showed it in this post, I just added my Dior lipbalm, an H&M hand cream, an YSL mini eyeliner pencil and a mini Dior mascara.
That's all for now, I hope you're all well and thriving!


  1. definetely a perfect bag!I loved it!especially the color!

    1. Thanks, that's why I got it in first place!

  2. Your bag looks so neat compared to mine! I carry around tons of junk, but the weird thing is i am always missing some of the essentials when i need them, like my driving license etc...!!

  3. Well, any handbag can become a junk gallore in no time! I try to clean it up once a week, or else it becomes really annoying!


Thank you!

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