Sunday, 5 August 2012

July favorites!

Most of my favorites for July can be seen in the June favorites post, but here are a few more things that I really enjoyed using this month!

Garnier new BB cream: I was contemplating whether I should buy a darker foundation, being a little tanned and all, but i couldn't justify the expense for a product I will use for a month or so. Meanwhile, I had seen online swatches of the Garnier BB cream and I thought it had a decent opacity, so when I saw it at the supermarket, with a price tag of €7, I decided to buy this instead of a foundation.

At first try I got scared because of the slight orange tint and I also did't like the fact that it oxidized on me. So I buried it in a drawer but after a few days I thought to mix it with my Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation. I'm happy to say that the combination is perfect colorwise and it lasts a long time without oxidizing.

Inglot 4SS brush: some time ago I purchased its little sister, the 6SS and it has become my favorite brush for applying highlights and sheer wash of color on my lids. So, I thought to get the bigger one solely for applying highlight on the cheekbones etc and it works like a dream.

Inglot blotting paper: I had never tried blotting papers before because my skin is not oily but in the summer I sweat on the face, so I though that blotting paper would be the answer and it is because it does the job without affecting my makeup. Now I never leave the house without this little packet in my purse!

Clarins Instant Light blush in Coral Tonic: love it. It spent all month in my purse for touch ups on the go because it doesn't require a brush, just my fingertips!

Mac blush in Flower Fantasy: I used quite a bit this one not only because of the lovely color but also because it has a coordinating highlight in the pan. The only downside, as with a few other Mac powders, is that it is so fine that it can acquire a film on top that makes the product useless. I tried sweeping it with a paper towel and I even scraped the surface a bit but nothing worked out until one day that I thought to use a Korres face brush that is a little coarse and it worked!

Mac blush in Sunbasque: this blush scream summer to me! I had neglected it for a while but it was well loved all month.

Clarins Coral Tonic, Mac Flower Fantasy, Mac Sunbasque
Maybelline Color Tatoo in On and On Bronze: a swipe on each eyelid, blending out the edges, ready and bronze-y in a minute!
Wet 'n Wild Shadow Pencil in Pixie: lovely color with poor durability but it's a perfect shimmering and brightening base for the lids, under powder eyeshadow.
Mac Prunella eye kohl: I used this one a lot on my tightline because it's not harsh like black but it's a bit more intense than brown.
Inglot brow pencil: again in the hunt for the perfect brow product, I decided to try this one by Inglot. I've used it all month and I really like it because the color is light so the result is natural and it also comes with a handy little brush.
On and On Bronze, Pixie, Prunella, Inglot brow pencil

Inglot #181 nail polish: I hadn't worn metallics in a long while and I really enjoyed this coppery-pink, bronze shade by Inglot.

Orly Rage: love it! It's pink and cool golden and a little beige, precious in a word!

L'Oreal #208 So Chic Pink: it's a bold and beautiful, vibrant coral red. It lived on my toes almost all month!

These are my favorites but there are a couple of things that disappointed me.

Bourjois 2step Volumizer mascara: so far I don't remember having a mascara that flacked, but this one is like I've worked in a coal mine! At midday, my under eye area and the tops of my cheeks become "adorned" with itsy tiny little bits of mascara. I really like the color though...

While preparing the shoot I discovered that the bigger wand broke and got stuck inside the tube, that's a first!

Givenchy Phenomen' Eyes in #5, Vintage Bronze: this one was another experiment in the quest for the perfect brown mascara. I saw it in a local outlet, I had read all the raves about the brush and the name of the shade "Vintage Bronze" was very alluring. Now, the wand is not bad at all, it's just that it takes a looot of time to coat my lashes because it's small, think of an eternity and a day, lol!

The main problem is that the color is not bronze, at all. In fact it is a charcoal grey/black. Well, as a color description maybe it doesn't sound that bad but on the eyes, it's like I've applied a grey eyeshadow while the mascara is still wet and it catches the fallout on the lashes. It 's so weird that I'm really considering to toss it in the garbage.

So, these are my July favorites spiced up with a couple of misses.

I hope you're all well and thriving!

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