Sunday, 26 August 2012

Fall wish list!

Well, I'm sooo over summer, I mean, this heat has gotten on my nerves. I'm looking forward to cool evenings, a few (or more!) raindrops on my windshield, a chance to wear a light jacket or sweater and so on....

In the meantime I have gathered here a few items that I'm really looking forward to this fall. Let's get started!

No 1 YSL Pure Chromatics in Harmony #10.

I don't know if it will suit my eyes (what do you think, will this work for hazel eyes?) but I'm obsessed with this little treasure! Of course I'll have to swatch it in real life before deciding, but it looks lovely. Also, it still has the YSL logo on it (I've read that they're going to change the logo to SL or something like this, sacrilege!) so, In case I'm actually liking the colors, I'll definitely get it for this reason as well.

Photo by Beautezine

No 2 Nars American Dream eyeshadow palette.

I don't have any Nars products so I thought this palette is a good start. The color I'm most intrigued about is the dark brown shade but I find the other colors interesting as well.

Photo by thebeautylookbook

No 3 Chanel Rose Initialed blush

I 've been on the hunt for quite sometime now for a dupe of Stunner blush by Mac (I love it so much that I won't use it for fear to hit pan!) and I think that this might be it. Again, I'll swatch it IRL before deciding, but it looks quite close.

Photo by Temptalia

No 4 Mac Supercontinental blush

Well, you couldn't think for a moment that I would omit a Mac product (lol!). It's from the Styleseeker collection. Again, I have to see it IRL, but it looks very pretty.

Photo by Temptalia

No 5 Penny Talk by Essie Mirror Metallics collection

I've been disliking metallic nail polishes for ever but now I'm starting to like them. I don't have any Essie nailpolishes but this one seems quite interesting.

No 6 DS Indulgence by OPI

I'm really liking this color, and the description (berry red with gold shimmer) sounds exactly like what I 'm looking for for fall.

Photo by thepolishaholic

No 7 Schnapps out of it by OPI Germany collection

Obviously I'm into reds lately and this one seems very interesting.

Photo by thepolishaholic

No 8 Aroma Vaillance Enrichie by Nuxe

I've used a couple of samples of it and I really liked it! It's extremely moisturizing and I think that I saw a difference, my skin looked more plump and luminous, so I have to get the actual product.

Photo by Nuxe

As for non beauty related items, I 'm searching for a pair of grey casual shoes and this one by Asos caught my attention. The reason is that (apart from being cute!) there's a 7 cm hidden wedge! How cool is that?

Photo by Asos
This is my wish list, what are you looking forward to this fall?


  1. these shoes are unbelievable!! hehehe
    loved all the nails' colors!!!!

    1. Aren't they? I'm restraining myself from snatching them up right now, but I like them a lot!

  2. το Penny Talk το έχω λατρέψει από την πρώτη στιγμή που είδα swatches είναι στην κορυφή της λίστας μου

    1. Την τελευταία φορά που κοίταξα στο eBay δεν υπήρχε, ξανά κοίταξα τωρα και υπάρχει! Εννοείται το αγόρασα....


Thank you!

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