Monday, 9 April 2012

Rainy days require a little spring shopping!

Rainy and chilly days in spring are not my favorites and this gloomy weather today was sitting really heavy on my nerves.

So, while doing errands after work, I decided to get a couple of things from The Body Shop. Next, I decided to hop in a H&M (I became a fan) and before I knew my spirits were again soaring high (in the rainy sky)!

First thing first, if you like bangles (or cuffs) but find them rather large for your wrists, try H&M! That's where I found these two cute sets and they fit my slim wrists (I do have a slim part on my body, lol!) perfectly.
Price wise they're not darn cheap but still very affordable, €6,95 and €7,95 each set.

Next thing I got at H&M are these two tops.

I loved the white one because it has this lace-y second layer on the front (on the back it's plain white) but it's not over the board, it's really simple but elegant. It will be really nice for casual but feminine outfits. It cost me €14,95.

The multicolored one was on my to buy list because I love the pattern and the combination of colors. It is really sheer but I have a light beige tank top with a little lace in front that will be pefect underneath. This one can be worn casually or a little more dressy, and will be handy for days at work when I want to be a little more smart and chic. At €9,95 it's a bargain!

I almost forgot to mention that at H&M I was given a €5 gift card (I didn't know there was a promotion going on), it's not much but still, it's a nice move!

From TBS I wanted some antibacterial hand lotion and the lipscuff. Well, I couldn't resist a deal (I think it was €5) on my spring favorite strawberry shower gel!
On the way out I spotted the Love Etc EDT and I grabbed the 10ml purse spray for these mornings when I sprint to work and forget to put on some perfume. It doesn't rock my world but it's a lightly floral everyday scent that goes with everything.

Check here If you want to see a previous little spring hall I did.

That's it for now, I hope you're all well and thriving!


  1. Ι love the strawberry shower gel a spring and summer favorite for me. Loved the pink-mint cuffs too

  2. Thanks love! TBS strawberry is a staple!

  3. <3 the strawberry shower gel! The Love etc. smells ok I guess, like you say it does the job. I didn't like the lip scuff, hope it works for you though!

    Also, I appreciate that H&M have 2 sizes on their bracelets and rings- my wrists and fingers are so-sothin that I have no luck in Accessorize :( Gonna look out for the ones you got!

    1. I hadn't noticed they had sizes in bracelets, i think it's awesome!
      What lip scrub do you use? I even tried to DIY one, with olive oil and sugar but it's messy...


Thank you!

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