Saturday, 31 March 2012

March favorites

March is gone and it's time for favorites!

Green Herbs by Zara Home is a line with body products and I got the body lotion to use mainly as a hand cream. It's not very emollient for such a use, it is more of a light all over moisturizer, but the fragrance is so awesome that I use it constantly. It is definitely herbal, fresh and relaxing, nothing fancy but simply brilliant. Next time you pass by a Zara Home store, I strongly suggest to give it a sniff!

The Mineralize Charged Water by Mac has been my constant companion, I also poured some in a little spray bottle to keep in my purse. The reason is that it really hydrates and refreshes my face, especially during this harsh and cold March, it definitely feels more moisturizing than my Fix+. Just a spritz of this stuff made my dry skin feel luscious and plump.

In the quest for products that take good care of my hair I came across the Tangle Teezer and I decided to give it a try. I got it from beautybay and it has replaced my hairbrush because it untangles and combs my hair without breaking them, wet or dry, in a second. I also don't get loose hair after using this, maybe one or two but that's it.

This month I started to pay more attention to my eyelashes and I also decided to experiment a little.

First of all I wanted a new curler because the one I had purchased from elf was pinching my skin, maybe it was too wide for my eyes or I didn't use it properly. Anyway, I saw this one on beautybay and the curve caught my attention, as well as the fact that it came with plenty replacement pads. The price was reasonable so I decided to give it a try and I'm so happy I did! It curls my lashes beautifully and mainly it doesn't hurt my eyelids!

I also decided to experiment with colored mascara for day looks and my first choice was the "safe" brown. The variety of brown mascaras is not that great, so I got the Maybelline volume express because I generally like Maybelline products. As for the mascara itself, it's ok, nothing spectacular. As for the brown color in general, I'm so pleased that when this one is used up, I will definitely get another one, from another brand.
The reason is that brown has a little of the intensity of black but not the harshness, so my eyelashes are certainly defined but not in a prominent "makeup" way, the result is natural but not bare, in a few words the color and the intensity frame my eyes beautifully.

Talking about eyes I could not omit eyeshadows etc. For some strange reason, I stuck with bronze/copper shades, in particular Expensive Pink and Mythical eyeshadows by Mac. Another eyeshadow is the color tattoo "on and on bronze" by Maybelline, I used it as a color base for powder eyeshadows or alone when I was in a hurry and I really like it both ways.

Mac fluidlines are my favorites not only because of the quality of the product but also because of the colors they come up with in the various collections.

So, although during the whole winter Avenue fluidline (from the Make me Over collection) was my everyday, go-to eyeliner, when I saw online swatches of the Added Goodness fluidline (from the Mac Shop, Mac Cook collection), I knew I had to have this because it fits into my "brown/natural with a twist" color scheme. I was set on getting this one because of the complexity of the color, it's deep brown with some gray, even some plum, I can't accurately describe it but it's not just another brown and since I got it I love it so much that I use it everyday.
If you pass by a Mac store take a look, you may find it appealing too!

Here are Expensive Pink, Mythical, On and On Bronze and Added Goodness.

As for lip products I won't bore you to death with my YSL Vernis a Levres raves (although since I got them I don't wear anything else, lol!) but a lip product that I constantly used are the Revlon Colorburst lip butters, especially Tutti Frutti.
The sad thing is that they don't respond very well to heat (as I suspected) so I think I will not use them when the temperature rises, at least I won't keep them in my purse.
They are great products nevertheless and I enjoy wearing them.

Last but not least, nail polish!

Being in search of the perfect spring green, I saw the "Thanks a Windmillion" from the Opi Holland collection and it was exactly what I was looking for: medium in tone, pastel but not candy pastel, more dusty and muted, very pretty and elegant!

The other one I 've been constantly using is the "Gouda Gouda Two Shoes" from the same collection, it's kind of a medium caramel/pink with a hint of brown and fine golden shimmer, on the same muted and dusty tone as the green one.

The fact is that I wanted a couple of transition shades because from dark, winter colors I couldn't jump to bright and light colors and these two serve this purpose perfectly.

That's it for March favorites, as you can see it's was a rather orange-y / brown month, lol!


  1. Yep, the Green Herbs scent is amazing! I've bought numerous soaps from Zara home, especially with this scent. Also, I looove the looks of the Mac paintpot and the Revlon lip butter! I can tell you're preparing for summer, hehe
    Many kisses to my girl! xx xx

    1. I 'm looking at my closet and pray for warm weather! Green herbs will be my next shower/body set, or strawberry from TBS, or both, (LOL!).

  2. the zara home soaps and etc are great, jasmine is my favorite.
    also, me too can't suddenly see my nails in pink and coral after the black and grey colors of the winter and usually go with deep reds, that are always classic

  3. Great shades !!

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