Tuesday, 7 February 2012

The body shop Chocomania!

It's been quite a while since I entered a Body Shop store (I dont't know why, LOL!) and the launch of the limited edition Chocomania collection was the call of the Siren, because it is a fact that I' m a sucker for everything related to chocolate, so I couldn't resist the temptation to smell like a chocolate from neck to toes!

So, I got the following:

Chocomania body butter €15
Chocomania Shower cream €7
Chocomania lip butter €6

With no further ado, the punch line: Does it actually smell like chocolate?
Well, no. To be more precise, it's somewhat like it, but not dead on the spot, there's something artificial, in a prominent way.

Does it smell good?
It smells good enough to eat, nevertheless. I will happily use it, it's just not as chocolatey as I would like.

The body butter is very dense and it will last forever because it takes a really small portion to cover the entire body. When I tried it in the store the smell took a few minutes to come through, at first it was too intense and bitter. When I used it at home, after shower, the bitterness evaporated instantly (it makes sense because after the shower the body is warm) and what it leaves behind is a kind of sweet, edible (LOL) and a bit chocolatey aura.

The shower cream is thick and luxurious and smells yummie as well.
As for the lip butter, although I rarely prefer them in a pot I made an exception for this one. The flavor here is more subtle and discreet.

Of course all the above products excell in moisturizing the skin, lips etc.

While I was there I purchased the Papaya shower gel as well because it is discontinued and it was on sale, only €1! It smells quite citrusy and refreshing, it will be perfect in the summer.

Last thing I got is a Vanilla body mist (€10 for 100ml) because I run out of it. It is something that I always have in a drawer and I use when I want to tone down a too edgy perfume. Just a bit of dear old vanilla makes everything more mellow.

While I was there I was also tempted to get a shimmery cubes set, there was a teal/green that was screaming my name, I swatched it (now I get why Evi aka Cbsg5861 is raving about them!) but I managed to resist it, (at least for now).

That's all about it, I hope you're all well and thriving!


  1. Hahaaa, that teal Shimmer Cubes got my name all over it, too! One day it WILL be mine, no doubt! They're so cute in their little plastic cubes, plus they're loaded with shimmer but the "good kind" of subtle shimmer, far from frosty/glittery. Oops, I'm rambling over here- YOU started it! hehe :p

    About the Chocomania range, I'm glad it doesn't smell of real, edible chocolate. Otherwise I would lick myself like a cat! One of these days I have to go into a store and smell this range, I'm very particular with scents and hope they got it right for my taste! Ain't these body butters a great investment? They do last forever!

    Also, final note: you reminded me of the Body Shop body mists! How uh-mazing are these? I found 9 of them (!) on their website- it's going to be hard to decided to just one! Decisions, desicions...

    xx xx

  2. Well, my visit reminded me of a lot of things I used to like, as a matter of fact I have in front of me a printed catalogue and boy do they smell yummie from memory! Coming spring, these shimmery cubes are #1 as well as the strawberry shower gel+body butter, I used to LOVE the strawberry line!
    I must be more careful though, because I demolished half the store, my stupid anorak/ jacket pushed over a few bottles here and there! LOLLLLLLL

    Irrelevant: do you hear the (heavy) rain?

  3. The more I read about this collection, all the more tempted I become! Great and smart shopping spree, I'd pick almost the exact same stuff you did! ;) Very curious about the smell though, sounds like it can be a bit of a hit or a miss - but I have faith in TBS and in their scent selections!
    And yay for another fan of the Vanilla scent - I practically bathe in it every day! :)

    1. Try it on in the store, I just slapped some body butter on my hand and waited 5 minutes ( most of them drooling over the shimmer cubes, LOL!). As for vanilla, you can always count on it!

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