Sunday, 12 February 2012

Belated Mac haul post

You already know how much I enjoyed the christmas collections by Mac.
Here you can see my relevant posts
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There where also a couple of items that I wanted but, due to a weird Mac policy, where not available in Greece.

These items where the Snowglobe beauty powder and the Let's Skate paintpot and as soon as I saw that they wouldn't be available here, I ordered them from allcosmeticswholesale . The price with shipping was very close to the actual cost of the relevant products that where sold here in store.

Snowglobe is a gorgeous, finely milled shimmery powder that can be used as a highlight or as an all over powder for a night out because it is very sheer and delicate and gives the skin a very pretty glow without looking like I just moved in from fairyland ( LOL!)

Let's Skate paintpot was a purchase against reason for me since I'm not a paintpot collector because of the product's short term life. There 's no way I will finish such a product in 6 months, so I always use one paintpot at a time (currently Painterly). But when I saw swatches of Let's Skate I knew I had to have it, it's unlike any paintpot I have seen so far! It's light pink with gold shimmer/glitter, and the funny part is that I hadn't even opened the pot until last night that I decided to use it! I almost screamed from joy, because it really is soooo pretty, it gives such a beautiful glow and light to the lids, I also used a bit on the browbone, in one word, gorgeous! I also noticed that when used under an eyeshadow it retains the sparkle but in a more subtle way, so it will be perfect for everyday use on the lids.

Last item that I purchased was something that I had seen in store but at that point decided not to buy and after a few days, when I realized it was sold out, I was hit by a "why didn't I buy this?" remorse ( LOL!).
When I bought the Cool face kit I had seen the Frost face kit as well, I spent quite some time debating if I should purchase this kit as well or not (I liked the palette very much) and reason prevailed (it rarely happens!) so I only got the Cool kit.
After a few days the Frost kit was sold out, so I thought to check eBay although I never purchase Mac stuff on eBay, it's too much a risk to me. And guess what? I found that there was a girl that was auctioning the Frost palette alone! I checked her feedback, it was 100%, she had sold various things and all her buyers said that the item they had purchased was as described. I carefully read the description for the palette and she was saying that the palette was 100% authentic and she hadn't even swatched it, she had purchased the kit but didn't want the palette. So I took the plunge and bid for it, and I actually got it, at a very reasonable price ( I think it cost me $37 with priority shipping). It goes without saying that until I received it I was really anxious about the condition of the item, but then I thought that I would disinfect it anyway, so, no harm done even if she had swatched it.
Imagine my surprise when I saw that it was untouched, in perfect condition! That doesn't mean that I will take this risk again on ebay for a Mac product, but, this particular risk was a total success!

So, here is a photo of my last christmas haul

And here is a pitiful swatch attempt, I would suggest google if you want to see accurate swatches of any of the mentioned products (LOL!).
At the bottom you can (not) see the Snowglobe beauty powder, then the four eye shadows and the blush and on the left you can (not) see the Let's Skate paint pot.

Hope you're all well and thriving!


  1. my favorite is the painpot but I am not a huge fan so I never really take a good look on these in the various collections, but this is super

  2. To me they 're also expensive, but I just found an affordable alternative, full post coming soon!


Thank you!

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