Sunday, 27 November 2011

Mac Holiday Collection: Part 2

Well, as the killer returns to the crime scene (LOL), I returned to my local Mac to get a few more things and also to get 1-2 items from the permanent collections using the 30% off card from the Glamour magazine.

First thing first: I wanted to buy the Uncoditionally Fabulous nail polish from the Glitter and Ice collection from the day I saw the first swatches online. But, at €15, it seemed quite expensive to me since I hardly ever wear glitter nail polish. So, instead of buying it, I decided to order the China Glaze Snow Globe, because a lot of people said that it was very similar. I got it for €5 (shipping included) on e-bay and, I've been wearing this since I received it (5 days ago) because... I just love it! I wear one coat, over a semi-transparent pinkish-beige base, and I named this combo the snow princess manicure, it's sooo freaking fairytale like!

Unfortunatelly the picture doesn't do it any justice, because, in real life, as I move my hands, the light catches all the different colors and they sparkle sooo beautifully! I was also impressed that only with one coat, the distribution of glitter is even all over my nails, there are no gaps, etc.

From Mac, first of all I got a few lip products:

Whirls & Twirls lipstick (LE, Glitter and Ice collection). I picked this one because I'm afraid of nude lipsticks and this one, while being almost nude, it has a pinkish tone and a little shimmer, so, it is perfect for the days when I want to keep my lips discreet (with a twist!).

Pleasure Principle dazzleglass (LE, Glitter and Ice collection). I don't have any dazzleglasses but I decided to get this one because it's a lot like the glitter nail polish in a dazzleglass! Love it!

Love Alert dazzleglass. After seeing swatches of it online I loved the strawberry pink shade. It is also part of the Glitter and Ice collection but since it is also in the permanent line, I decided to get it from the permanent line, because of the 30% off with the Glamour card and because I can back to Mac this one.

Here are the three of them together: Pleasure Principle, Love Alert, Whirls & Twirls.

One thing I really needed was a warm blush. I came to this conclusion after looking at my blushes and realized that they all leaned to the pink/raspberry/plum categories. So, after some online searching I had narrowed the list to 2-3 shades and after swatching them in store, I decided to get Sunbasque. Mac describes this as "gilded peach with pearl" (huh???) but in real life it is like a peachy-rose-bronze, really pretty. I also realized that the sheertone shimmer is my favorite finish (next to the satin) because of the discreet and totally wearable shimmer that gives my cheeks a little pizzazz in the quick, without the need to use any other product on top. I used my mac 187 brush, it's a pair made in heaven!

On the left I swatched it with my finger and then I blended it out on the right part.

Last thing I got was the Make it Perfect Brush Kit / Special Edition (€56 - Ice Parade Collection), I just couldn't resist it because I already have 3 of them in ful size and I love them (168-239-217) and the mini version with the sparkling handles is totally adorable (LOL) and travel friendly! The kit has five brushes totally:
  • 167 SE blush/powder brush
  • 168 SE angled contour brush
  • 239 SE eye shader brush
  • 217 SE blending brush
  • 212 SE flat definer brush 
After washing them, I was really impressed with the softness of the bristles (not being handmade etc).

They come in this pouch, I don't like it very much but the plastic is of good quality, really sturdy.

I also took some photos in comparison to my full size ones (on the right), you will notice that there are minor differences, but I haven't tried them as yet so I can't tell if they will affect the actual performance (probably not).

The 217

The 239

The 168

All of them together

PS: have you managed to find here in Greece the Let's Skate painpot, Winterized eyeshadow and Snow Globe powder? I can't find them anywhere and the mac assistants don't have a clue if and when they will be available. I've also emailed mac but I haven't heard from the as yet...


  1. I'm loving the looks of Pleasure Principle dazzleglass. Such white glittery lipglosses make my lips so full! The Christmas makeup collection by YSL had a gloss of the same shade and I'm seriously tempted to get it. But I'd rather behave myself ;) And save my money for an Eyes to Kill eyeshadow, hehe! It's also nice that there's no big differences between the LE brush sets and the permanent makeup brushes. Something tells me I'm bound to get one of these cute brush sets sometime! xx

  2. I love the Stone Pink and the Steel Black!


Thank you!

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