Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Mac Me Over: At last!

Well, after seeing swatches upon swatches online, and reading blogs etc, I had a 90% clear idea about what I wanted to buy from this collection.
Here it is:

So, Monday morning I rushed to my local Mac store, imagine that the mac assistant was just positioning the stands etc for this collection and I bet she skipped a heartbeat or two when I barged into the store at 09:01 (I had to go to work too, TG the mac store is very close to it!)

So, first of all, the much coveted 226 brush. I asked for the most tapered, she showed me all 5-6 available, all were rounded.

I'm very happy I actually did buy it because it applies eyeshadow in the crease perfectly. To give you an idea, I always had trouble with crease color going almost all the way up to my eyebrows, and I always had to blend a lot, but NOT with this brush! The dark color stays exactly where it's supposed to (in the crease) and I have room to blend it with a lighter shade, in a few words, I love it!

Next two items I bought where the blushes, and I got both of them because they're both unique to me, each for a different reason:

Equillibrium is a brown blush, and I sailed away from brown blushes until last month when I swatched (just for fun) the Pressed Amber blush from the Semi Precious collection. And I loved it! It's such a lovely rosy-caramel-brown, and for me it's ideal for contouring without looking fake or orangey. Now, Equillibrium is equally unique to me because it is lighter, less rosey and more caramel, very sweet and discreet, so it is perfect for winter, when my skintone is really pale and I'm guessing Pressed Amber will be a little too much. Of course all depend on the quantity, but I thought that a lighter shade will be more convenient.
Equillibrium on the left, Pressed Amber on the right.

Stunner blush was quite a surprise because I was expecting a blah color, but, in fact, it is a very wearable color, that matches (almost) all styles and skinstones, because it actually is an in between color: it is pink without being too pink, it is a little warmer but not peach or coral, it's light enough to make it easy to wear but not too light so as to be invisible, it's not too bright, it's not too muted.
In a word, a really practical color, and, after a summer of pink and peach and coral shimmering blushes, I find this a refreshing change!
As for the texture, both blushes have a satiny finish.
Stunner and Equillibrium

Eyeshadows! Well, at first I was very sceptical about them (do I need another brown? another highlighter? etc) but after swatching them I knew I would want them when they would be sold out, and I also rationalized my urge to purchase them (neutral eyshadows are always handy!). I already had Satin Taupe (link to a previous post of mine) so I got Creamy Bisque, Moleskin and Carbonized. Mythical was too metallic for me, beautiful nevertheless. The one shadow I didn't like that much is Outre.
Creamy Bisque (Frost) is a good for all highlight, I can't described it, it's just plain pretty!
Moleskin (Matte) is a sort of medium to light discreet brown, ideal for blending out darker shades, I didn't have something like it (not that I have that many eyeshadows for that matter!).
Carbonized (Veluxe Pearl) is really the queen of the trio, a rosy brow, lovely texture, I'm smitten!

Fluidlines...At first I wanted all of them, but then, I knew I was absurd because I simply couldn't afford them all, so I chose the one I knew would become my staple eyeliner, and that is...Avenue! This color (at least I think so) will become my HG eyeliner, and the reason is simple. I always liked Blacktrax but for day use I always smudged it with some grey or brown eyeshadow because it always looked too harsh on me. So, I tried dark grey, brown, etc, but I wasn't that happy.
So, when I saw Avenue, I really liked it in the pot but I was sold the moment I swatched it: it is exactly what I wanted, not black, not brown, just a very versatile in between color! It does have a few shimmery particles, but, they're quite unnoticeable, even in broad daylight.

 Last but not least, the only lip product that caught my attention (lip products usually sit idly in my stash, I forget to use them most of the times!) is the Social Light lipglass, I couldn't take a decent photo, so, no swatch of it.

Here's my hand with all my choices from the collection:

Prices (the hard part...):
eyeshadow 17€
blush 21,50€
eyeliner 18€
lipglass 17€
226 brush 27€

If I would only get 3 pieces from it, I would definitely get:
  • 226 brush
  • Stunner blush
  • Carbonized eyeshadow.
What's your must have item(s) from this collection?


  1. Stunner blush is perfect I like the this pale rose color....carbonized reminds me woodwinked e/s it look great...I'm definately gonna chech the Avenue liner I really liked the between black and brown color.

  2. I think there's something for everybody in this collection, but definitely stunner carbonized and avenue do stand out. Happy swatching (and shopping)!

  3. Μόλις ανακάλυψα το blog σου και ομολογώ ότι έχω πάθει πλάκα με τα Mac swatches! Χαζεύω και χαζεύω... Μου αρέσει η moleskin και η carbonized. Απλά έχω ένα "θέμα" με τις LE συλλογές της Mac, θέλω αυτό που αγοράζω να ξέρω ότι θα το ξαναβρώ αν μου τελειώσει!

  4. Σ΄ευχαριστώ! Αυτό που λες για τις LE ισχύει, αλλά από την άλλη εκεί είναι το fun της υπόθεσης γιατί μέχρι να τελειώσει κάτι που σου αρέσει πολύ, η mac θα έχει βγάλει κάτι αντίστοιχο που μπορεί να σου αρέσει ακόμα πιο πολύ! Βέβαια η αλήθεια είναι πως σκέφτηκα να πάρω ένα backup για την carbonized, αλλά το βρήκα υπερβολικό (για μένα).


Thank you!

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