Monday, 6 January 2014

Haul! Guerlain, Shiseido, YSL, Clinique

First of all, happy 2014!

Secondly, I didn't actually buy these items in 2014 but a couple of weeks ago (you've already seen them on instagram), when I took advantage of the 35% off sales (25% for the YSL).

Enough said!

First stop: Guerlain!

My love for the Meteorites counts exactly one year since I discovered them in December 2012.

This year, I decided to try the compact version because it is beautiful and travel friendly and not absurdly expensive like Wylong from last year.

So, Crazy Meteorites Poudre Eclat was the first purchase of this haul and let me say that I love it. Madly.

I love it so much that after a few days I also got the Crazy pearls version . Oh yeah!

I will only say that you need them, not both of course, either works fine. Go try them on, just for fun or out of curiosity.  You'll thank me later! They're limited edition though.

Next stop: Shiseido!

I wanted to try their Urban Environment SPF50 sunscreen for the longest time and I'm currently running low on my La Roche Posay Anthelios so I decided it was now or never!

I also wanted to try the Sun Protection SPF30 Liquid Foundation (SPF junkie alert!) and the fact that at the time they gave a full sized Lacquer Rouge as gift with purchase (splendid, isn't it?) was the final nudge to buy the foundation now than later (lol!).

Next stop:YSL!

You know how much I love my YSL Glossy Stains but I didn't have any fall/winter shades.

So I chose #3 Brun Cachemire and #4 Mauve Pigmente. They're both muted and seductive, #3 on the caramel brown side and #4 on the mauvish side.

Last stop: Clinique!

I can't say that I'm a fan of the Clinique chubby sticks but #09 lavish lilac looked very pretty so I decided to give it a try!

YSL #3, YSL #4, Shiseido RD413, Clinique #09

That's it for now, I hope you're all well and thriving! 


  1. Aww these YSL Glossy Stains! I have to get one (or a couple!) of them!!

    1. You certainly must try them, they're gorgeous!

  2. ααα τελειο haul!!!με γεια σου ολα!!!καλα τους meteorites τους λατρευω και πολυ τη ζηλεψα την crazy εκδοχη!!!btw οι κλασσικοι ειναι σε ελλειψη γιατι θα τους κανουν lifting.κι απο οτι διαβασα η νεα συσκευασια θα εχει 5gr λιγοτερα..με τα ysl lip stains δεν εχω καλη σχεση,μαλλον τα εχω παρει στραβα απο την αρχη.

    1. Ευχαριστώ! Ναι, υποτίθεται θα ειναι πιο μαλακές οι πέρλες για μεγαλύτερη ευχρηστία, το κουτί πάντως ειναι πολυ όμορφο! Για τα YSL, την πρώτη φορά που τα δοκίμασα μου μύριζαν άσχημα (lol!) αλλα όταν είδα το αποτέλεσμα τα λάτρεψα! Τώρα δεν καταλαβαίνω καν την μυρωδιά, junkie σου λέω!

  3. Πολύ ωραια φαινονται όλα!Τελεια τα χρωματάκια των lip gloss :) xx

    1. Σ'ευχαριστώ, να'σαι καλά!


Thank you!

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