Sunday, 24 March 2013

Spring 2013: Collective Fashion Haul!

First of all, Happy Spring!

Some of the following items are recent purchases and others were purchased far back in December or January, but being cold and all, I was not in the mood to show them to you.

So, after the weather changed to a more spring like temperature (hopefully for good!) I thought it was the perfect time.

Enough talk, let's get started!

Zara flat sandals. These have a sort of oriental vibe to me (I don't know why!) but the combination of shiny little things on nude was sending off messages to my unconscious "you need us, you need us" ...

H&M stone beige boots, I got them half price (20€) last Saturday. I have no idea how I'm gonna style them but I couldn't resist!

H&M grey scarf 8€. I'm not a huge fan of animal prints, snake prints, etc but I liked the color combination.

Blanco scarf about the same price. I love the colors, I think that it will be perfect with blue jeans and a plain white top.

River West Emily rose gold watch 25€ on sale. I 've been stalking this watch for a long time on asos but it was never in stock, so I was very surprised when I saw it available during the sales, last January. I get compliments every time I wear it and when I tell them the price they can't believe it!

Accessorize outlet necklace 3€. Such prices do make me reconsider purchasing stuff full price and every time I go to the Factory Outlet I always check out the Accessorize stand. I love how pretty and dainty it is.

Mac Archie's coin purse 29€ (I think). Long story short: I went on the first day the collection launched. I swatched. A lot. I left with the coin purse only because I loved the cuteness of the design!

Now the "collector" in me bangs my head on to the wall yelling at me "you must get a pearlmatte! You must get a pearlmatte!"

On another note, does any one else hears voices or it's just me? LOL!

Blanco black and white scarf. I love it so much because it's simple yet tasteful.

H&M animal print scarf. I've already worn this to shreds. I just love it!

Zara anorak 59€. I didn't plan on paying 59€ for a basic beige anorak but this one filled a hole in my closet, meaning that I was looking for something like that. This one appealed to me a lot because it's sporty but in a chic, urban way and it can be worn with a lot different styles. I also liked the fact that the upper part is cotton and the lower part synthetic, the difference in texture adds a nice detail.

Zara shirt. I found this little gem during the winter sales and I snatched it up on the spot!

Sprider shirt. This one was also purchased during the winter sales and it was very affordable (5€ I think). I love not only the color but the fabric as well, it's buttery soft.

Spider shirt. Purchased at the same time with the above, I think 5€ as well. I'm getting a retro 50's aura here!

Zara trafaluc peach burnished tee 9€. Just a basic t-shirt with an interesting fabric pattern. I liked it so much I got a black one as well.

H&M khaki t-shirt, 8€. I do wear a lot of beige and khaki during spring and summer and this one appealed to me because of the see through upper part.

H&M shirt from the conscious collection, 15€. I love the pattern, the cut, everything!

Zara shirt. One more item I got during the winter sales (15€ I think). I just love it, the background is a lovely dusty mint almost green.

Zara shirt. Purchased with the above, I think at the same price. No paisley fan here but the color combination is very subtle and tasteful and almost bohemian.

Zara blouse. Also purchased with the above but it was from the spring collection, I can't remember the price but I found irresistible the texture and color combo.

Any must haves this spring? Do share your thoughts!

That's it for now, I hope you're all well and thriving!



  1. εχουμε αγορασει το ιδιο ρολοι!!
    καλοφορετα ολα,τα παπουτσια σου ειδικα πολυ πολυ ομορφα.

    1. Τωρα το έχει βγάλει και σε faux κερατο (τι γράφω η τρελή, lol!), πολυ όμορφο, αλλα έχω ήδη κάτι παρόμοιο. Σε ευχαριστώ!

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    have a great week dear

    LOVE Maria from


Thank you!

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