Sunday, 10 March 2013

Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stains

It is a fact that I'm a sucker for anything gimmicky.

It is also a fact that I mostly buy lip stuff that is proven to be long wearing, because my lips tend to melt away any regular lip product in a few mimutes, leaving me with bare lips.

So, the Revlon Kissables seemed very fascinating to me being gimmicky and long wearing. I started by buying a couple of shades, really liked them, purchased some more, and making a long story short, I currently own 8 of them and I love each and everyone!

Here they are

The reasons I like them so much are:

  • They do survive quite a few hours on my lips
  • Even when they fade, they leave a nice stain behind
  • They have a nice shine
  • They feel supple and moisturizing
  • They're pigmented
  • Easy to apply
  • Pretty color selection
  • Affordable
  • They don't need any sharpening
Shades I own:

001 Honey,

010 Darling,

040 Rendezvous,

025 Sweetheart,

020 Lovesick

045 Romantic

055 Adore

005 Crush

Swatches in the same order

After a rigorous wash with soap and water you can still see the stain.
In comparison to Revlon's famous lip butters:

  • the lip butters feel more emollient and rich
  • on the other side, my lip butters melted in their tubes last summer. I mean, I still use them but they look a little messed up (lol!)
  • Color wise, there are similar shades. For example, the Tutti Frutti lip butter is similar to Rendezvous.


That's all for now, I hope you're all well and thriving!


  1. I got 2, 2 days ago. Unfortunately here they brought only 5 shades and they are around 15 euros each, but I still quite liked them, I will get some more in the future, I think I want sweetheart and crush

    1. They're not available here (and i don't think they will ever be) so I got them on eBay, even with shipping, they're very affordable. Romantic will also look great on you, it's a gorgeous poppy red.

  2. πολύ ωραίο το blog σου..σε ακολουθώ..αν θες ρίξε μια ματιά στο δικό μου!!

  3. ωωω τι τελεια συλλογη!εγω εχω μονο 2 και αντιστεκομαι να παρω το Lovesick και 1-2 ακομη.αχ βαχ.

    1. Σε ευχαριστώ, και εγω με δυο ξεκίνησα κα σιγά σιγά πήρα τα υπόλοιπα!


Thank you!

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