Monday, 14 November 2011

Beauty Gadgets

I must confess that I love gadgets, beauty gadgets even more!

The first one is a nail polish remover by Sephora, and I must thank christina77star and many other fellow beauty bloggers for bringing this item to my attention. I have only one thing to tell you: go get this!
It's awesome because it removes my nail polish in a second, no kidding! I have this almost for a month, an it is still going strong. It is very easy to use, no cotton pad required because inside it there is a sponge, I just dip my finger inside it and move it in semi circle, left and right, until it is clean.

Next beauty gadget is the Model Mirror, I saw it on You Tube and instantly loved it! It is a little mirror, baterry operated,  with lights (so that I can easily pluck my eyebrows in the dead of night, without disturbing anyone, LOL!). It cost me €27 (postage included).

I got the pink one with the black bow and appart from the cute design, the material is rubberized, so it doesn't slip off my hands (everything else does!!!). It also comes with a little drawstring pouch (it could use some washing now that I see it, duh!)

Last beauty gadget is a Unii  empty palette, I saw this too on You Tube and I had to have it, although at €27 (postage included) it is quite expensive.
The reasons that I really like this palette are:
  • sturdy construction
  • secure clasp
  • perfect travel size, for a blush or two and a few eyeshadows, not too big, not too small, easy to carry
  • it comes with a sheet of adhesive magnets so that I can cut it in pieces and magnetize pans
  • it has a big mirror
  • I chose the white, a beautiful pearly shade, but it also comes in a variety of colors

The inside of the packaging has useful instructions about the palette (adhering the magnets, etc)

The little square cube on the left is supposed to facilitate holding the palette, it is also movable so that you can put it anywhere it suits you (or remove it altogether). Here you can also see the adhesive magnet sheet.

See? LOL!
BTW, the nail polish is OPI "My address is Hollywood", I really like it.

Here I put it on top of my mac palette, for comparison.

Another photo next to my mac one.

Here I added a few mac eyeshadows and a mac blush, so as to give you an idea. I could probably fit a small flat brush inside it as well.

What's your favorite beauty gadget?


  1. Whoaaaa!!! You got a Uni palette! I've seen these on Youtube and I must say they appeal to me a lot! Although, ouch... 27E is a lot!

    Hmm, favourite beauty gadget so far has to be my Elf quads that have tidied up my eyeshadow storage! I also love my Art Deco empty palette but I STILL haven't managed to fill it with 12 neutral shades! All the good ones are always out of stock...

  2. I find the elf quad very interesting, I 'll definitely try this next time I buy from elf!


Thank you!

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