Sunday, 27 April 2014

Magnitone Pulsar vs Clarisonic

If you haven't read my first impressions about the Magnitone Pulsar, you can find it here .

Almost a month after my purchase, here are my final thoughts.

As you know, I decided to purchase it while it was at a 50% off discount + a 20% off discount coupon I had from Hqhair, total 70€ which was definitely a steal.

The 50% off was a promotion that lasted a while, at various online shops.

Unfortunately, I searched online and don't find it on promotion anymore.  The full price is 161€.

Would I pay 161€ for it? No.

So, I will put it this way: if you can still find it at 50% off, get it.

If you can't find it anymore, get it if you want to use it on the body as well as on the face. It comes with the respective brushes included in the box.
The Clarisonic Plus is at 225€ so in comparison the Magnitone Pulsar is the better deal.

Don't get me wrong, the Magnitone Pulsar is a good tool and has definitely made a change to my skin texture.

I just don't think that you should pay €161 for it when the Clarisonic Mia 2 is at last available here in Greece.

So, let's do a comparison (they both improve my skin texture so I skip this factor):

Magnitone Pulsar:


  • Has 4 different modes 
  • Has a brush head for the face and one for the body
  • It does feel a bit unbalanced, lightweight, plastic.
  • Longer handle that I find a bit awkward to use on the face, it does help on the body though.
  • It splatters tiny droplets of water everywhere, in my eyes as well and I find it quite annoying.
  • It hums in a annoying way as well
  • The bristles are a bit stiff, especially at first.  No irritation or anything though. 
  • In case anything happens I have to ship it to UK.
  • You have to buy an adapter
Clarisonic Mia:
I actually compare it to the Mia 1 because that's the one I used to have.


  • Feels lightweight yet solid and fits perfectly in my little hand.
  • Available here (Mia 2) so you don't have to worry if something happens, I presume there will also be service available here. 
  • Variety of face brushes
  • It hums quietly
  • Softer bristles
  • Minimum water splatter
  • At 149€ (Mia 2) it's actually cheaper than the Magnitone
  • It beeps (Mia 2) when you must move to another area,  so you can't overdo it (very useful feature)
  • It comes (Mia 2) with a carry pouch
  • You don't have to buy an adapter. 

Well, I can't find any, lol!

Bottom line: 

  • Get the Clarisonic Mia 2 if you want to use it only on the face
  • Get the Magnitone Pulsar if you want to use it on the body as well. 
A word of caution: 
  • don't get wrapped up in the hype, if your skin is fine and you don't have any specific issues, you probably don't need either. 
  • If you're not committed in cleansing your face at least every night, neither is for you. It doesn't do miracles and it must be used consistently in order for you to benefit from it.
If you want to improve your skin condition and you know you are going to use it everyday, get it. Your skin will thank you (just don't rub it off your face, lol!)

That's it for now,  I hope you are all well and thriving! 


  1. Interesting post, I remember when I purchased one of these electric brushes and it didn't even work, but after this post I think I will give it another shot. Either way keep up the goo work :)

    1. Thanks for taking time to comment and for your kind words, you should definitely give it a try!


Thank you!

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