Sunday, 17 February 2013

Shiseido Camelia blush

I can't remember exactly how I first saw this blush but it was love at first sight! I googled it, read a few blogposts about it and then I was on my way to my nearest beauty store!

A little info: the Shiseido Camelia Compact is a limited edition blush that was launched a few months ago in order to commemorate Shiseido's 140 years of history.
Packaging: sleek, chic and luxurious without being fussy or over the top, adorned with the camelia flower.
The product: in a few words it's a glorious 3 in 1 blush.
When I first opened the compact at home, I discovered that the whole pan was covered by a layer of glitter. I'm not talking about shimmer or iridescent particles or anything fine and sweet, I'm talking about straight on glitter!
So, after skipping a couple of heartbeats, thinking that maybe this was a different product (lol!) I decided to try and see if I could get rid of this shitload of shattered disco ball. I took it over the sink and brushed the top with a big powder brush.
TG it was just a loose overspray so it took only a couple of gentle swipes and my blush was finally there (it goes without saying that my sink was sooo pretty, sparkly and festive afterward!)
What you get is two blushes and a highlight:
  • the higlight is almost matte and very close to white, so it adds dimension without texture, I really love it!
  • the pink blush is very pretty alone but also very handy to tone down the next blush
  • which is a pigmented, vibrant poppy red
In application, I don't swirl my brush in it because I want to keep the shades separate and in pristine condition. Also, with swirling the brush picks up too much pigment.

So, I tap it in the red shade, tap it once on my hand and then I tap it lightly on my cheeks (tap tap tap is the way!). This way I get the much talked of "flush" on my cheeks and it looks very pretty and fresh.

I also wear the pink shade alone, or I apply ioften combination with the red shade, on the high planes of my cheeks, when I'm after a more sculpted look.

As for the brush I use with it, I find the elf studio blush brush exremely handy because it has the right size so as to pick up only the shade I choose.

Here's a hand swatch, I tried to blend the three together but it didn't work because I picked a bit too much of the red shade!

I also find it very handy for these days when I'm going out straight after work and want to have a kind of day to night touch up on the go.
Do you like multitasking products? If yes, what's your favorite?
That's it for now, I hope you're all well and thriving!


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